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14 Things to do on 14th August


It’s that time of the year again where we celebrate our beloved country’s independence and rejoice on this historic day with passion and patriotism. Most of you may be wondering or already making plans on how to best utilize this public holiday, so bust out those green flags and white Kurtas because here’s a list of 14 things you can do on 14th August.

1.     Show off your patriotism by giving your House a Make-over

As we all know, with 14th August come decorations, A LOT of decorations. Back when we were kids we always wanted our houses to look the most extravagant one on the street so let’s try to resurrect that energy and stock up our residences with those Jhandiyaans, Flags and colorful lights that will really set your house apart from the rest. Enjoy this activity with your family and loved ones to make it all the more special and more importantly help your kids carry this important tradition for the years to come.

2.     Fill the streets with Green and White

14th August is all about Unity; and there’s no way better way to be more united than everyone wearing the national colors. Play your part by wearing your favorite white Kurta or that green cricket jersey and let’s all embrace this day in true Pakistani fashion.

3.     Soulful Qaumi Naghmey

Since the start of this month, you will hear all your favorite national songs everywhere. Whether it’s a barber’s shop or on a rickshaw, Dil Dil Pakistan and Sohni Dharti are always on repeat. And to be really honest, these national songs evoke every Pakistani’s true emotions, and inculcate a sense of belonging and loyalty, so gather up and sing them together.

4.     Make Sparks Fly

Yes, we’re Pakistanis and yes we like to be loud and noisy. So obviously Fireworks will always be on the agenda. Look out for Firework displays this 14th August which may kick off at various landmarks and events around your city especially at Midnight and gaze at the sky in awe with your loved ones. Or take matters into your own hands and wake up your neighbors by setting off some Fireworks and Patakhas yourself.

5.     Accessorize yourself

Before anything else, whatever you are wearing, shalwar kameez, pant shirt or your nightwear, a badge is the most basic accessory you should proudly own and pin on your chest. Apart from badges, there are also a variety of hand bands and hair bands, trumpets, caps, masquerades which are in the green and white theme. If you are interested to host an Independence Day party, you should immediately buy this stuff.

6.     Into the Lights

Make sure to take a ride around the city with your friends and family to see the lighted buildings. On the eve of Independence Day, the city is wrapped around in green and white bulbs. Just climb in your car and roam around, and don’t forget to hook up some flags on it either!

7.     Independence Day Programs

The morning of August 14th begins with the flag hoisting ceremony held at Wagha Border, in Lahore. In Karachi, people pay visit to Quaid-e-Azam’s tomb. Similarly, other programs are held in schools, colleges, and universities to mark this day with full enthusiasm.

8.     Screen Patriotic Movies and Dramas

Screen movies related to independence on a projector; invite friends, families, and neighbors to join in on the fun. Movies like Jinnah or dramas like Jinnah se Quaid, Alpha Bravo Charlie are informative and allow families a change to bond and learn at the same time.

9.     Visit National Monuments and Museums

14th August pays homage to the people that devoted and sacrificed their lives for Pakistan’s freedom movement. Make sure your children know all about the sacrifices made to earn this land. Visit national monuments and museums with them, so that they can connect to the history of Pakistan by seeing the past come to life in front of their eyes.


10.Eat Green so you can Bleed Green

Amongst all the festivities, let’s not forget to pay heed to our health and be sure to incorporate some green vegetables in our diet on this occasion in order to make an example for ourselves and our children that a Healthy Nation is a Prosperous one!

11.Pakistan Day Quizzes

Quiz your family and friends about the history of Pakistan. This can be a quick refresher for the elders in the family and a source of insight for the younger ones, as well as a treat for all you patriotic nerds out there.

12.Face Painting

How can one forget the face when everything else is in green and white? You can easily get face painting done by the various stalls or you can use a sticker tattoo too!

13.Meet the Veterans

Although the creation of Pakistan was not a result of a war, keeping it that way meant many soldiers lost their lives in order to protect the newly created country. To tell the younger generation what it takes to earn freedom, spend some time with the retired officers who rolled tanks, flew F16s and lived in submarines. Their stories are bound to shed light on what we owe to this country and to all those who have continued to sacrifice their today for our tomorrow.


Last but not least, celebrate the Independence Day with cutting a August 14th themed cake which is easily available in all the bakeries. Or perhaps bake one for yourself or for your family and friends.

All in all

We hope this list has provided more than you hoped for on how to make this 14th August a memorable one. And while we celebrate, let’s not forget to be responsible and have a sane head whilst doing so. No “hawaai firing” or littering is the way to go!

 With that being said, I truly hope you have a pleasant holiday and Happy Independence Day!



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