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Don’t feel like working out: Here is what to do


There are days when the Universe is plotting against us and we just don’t want to work out. The perfect streak of exercising has gone finally gone down the drain because our body just doesn’t want to function. Well, let me tell you that everyone has those days. Fitness trainers that you see on Instagram, with hectic schedules, also have ‘those’ days. Getting started is difficult but once you start, you will definitely keep going.

After reading this blog, go exercise and feel satisfied with yourself for taking care of your body, rather than feeling guilty!

So, here are the ways to work out when your body is screaming at you to not exercise.

My motivation level has hit the ground

Everyone needs the motivation to function. We also need the motivation to exercise. Many people argue that motivation is only there when we force ourselves to do something. However, that is not true-motivation is always present.

When people say “my motivation level has hit the ground”, then they do not actually mean that lack of motivation is the reason behind them not exercising. They mean that something is stopping them from exercising, be it time or energy. Whatever the reason, you need to try to find out what is holding you back. Only then will you will be able to get the thing stopping you from achieving your goal.

Who cares about exercise, I just want to lose weight

Majority of people only care about their weight but do not really want to exercise. However, when we exercise our bodies and our mind feels relaxed. So, stop worrying about your weight and start reading about the benefits of exercise:

  • Makes you grin and improves your mood
  • Decreases risk of diseases like diabetes, strokes, etc.
  • Spikes up your energy levels
  • Helps you control and lose weight

Remember, you need to be healthy. It doesn’t matter if you are fat or thin, however, it definitely matters if you are healthy or not and the only exercise will get you on the healthy track.

But, exercise makes me yawn

We know. It can get boring. This is especially the case when the exercise spans out over a period of an hour or more.

The main problem isn’t that exercise is boring, but because it consumes a lot of time. That’s why if you are exercising for an hour and getting bored, then try exercising for half an hour. It is better to cut down your exercise time and do it continuously than exercising for an hour or more and then skipping out on it for the next week. Start small and as you feel more comfortable, build your way up!

From hating exercise to loving it

Initially, you might not love exercising. But, if you get consistent then exercise becomes a part of your life that you do not want to miss.

Start customizing your workouts and seeing what works best for your body. If you notice change then you will want to exercise even more.

Yes, it is easy to watch movies on Netflix instead of ‘wasting’ your time at the gym. But, remember that your body will become super sore and you will have difficulty in functioning properly. So, incorporate a bit of exercise in your life, and start loving and living (healthily).

Guest Credits: Asma Qadri



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