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3 types of eating disorders

Eating disorders are serious illness. They can just not be dismissed as a deeply rooted habit or bad lifestyle choice. Eating disorders have been known to cause damage to the human body in similar ways just as any life-threatening condition like AIDS and even cancer. Indeed the medical world has come to acknowledge the threat that eating disorder has posed to the overall human health. An eating disorder can be of various types. There are eating disorders where you just can’t eat anything while in other you always want to eat something or the other. Whatever may be the eating disorder, knowing about it before hand and treating it can help save your life.

  1. Anorexia is an extreme and common form of eating disorder in which the participant cuts down the calories to dangerously low levels, such that the food you eat is not able to sustain your good health and wellbeing. The outcome or expected goal of this activity is extreme or rapid weight loss which is often not recommended and unhealthy. Recently supermodels, celebrities and other such personalities have had this eating disorder for being cautious about their looks
  2. Bulimia is another kind of extreme eating disorder which involves eating large quantities of food, often in hidden and then taking out the food by self-induced vomiting. People who are living with Bulimia binge eat and purge almost every time they eat something, their diet plans and goals are often extreme, and they are extremely conscious about their body weight and hence engage in this eating disorder.
  3. Compulsive overeating or binge eating disorder is the habit of eating well beyond the point of fullness compulsively. Those who struggle with binge eating struggle with obesity, anxiety, and depression with regard to their body weight and appearance.



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