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5 Healthy Snacking Tips That Will Keep You Fit

Medically Reviewed by Dr Riyaz Ali

People who tell you that snacking is harmful are wrong; snacking can actually be good for you as long as you munch on mindfully. Follow our healthy snacking tips to keep your stomach full, body fit and to satisfy your untimely food cravings.

The only right way is the ‘nut’ way

Nuts make great snacks, they are easy to carry and munch on. They are also beneficial for health as almonds are enriched with Vitamins, walnuts are rich in anti-oxidants and pistachios are…tasty! Get the unsalted versions of these and you are good to go as these keep you full for a long time. However, nuts do have calories in them so keep a count while munching on. You can also opt for granola bars in different flavors to keep you full and healthy.

Eat Smaller Portions in Short Intervals

Yes, you heard that right. Don’t go hungry for long between meals as this can cause your blood sugar to fall. With your blood sugar falling low, you will not feel hungry and would want to binge on food later. Always break down your meals and eat more times during the day so you feel full and content throughout the day.

Drink the Entire Indian Ocean

Don’t actually try doing that; instead, drink lots of water in a day. Often enough, your thirst makes you delusional into thinking you are hungry and this is the reason you binge on unhealthy junk food. Therefore load up on water and fill your stomach with 0 calories.

Eat Slowly and Enjoy Every Bite

Remember, each bite matters so try savoring it instead of gulping it down. When you eat at the speed of infinity then your body digests food less efficiently and you end up wanting more, so slow that train down, enjoy your food properly and don’t binge unnecessarily.

Always Carry Healthy Snacks with You

Always plan your snacks before time, think ahead and get a small bag filled with fruits, nuts or granola bars to carry to school or work. This will help you from ordering unhealthy snacks or opting for cookies that your friends keep passing over. Keep the healthy snack bag with you and munch at those snacks timely to stay away from excess and unwanted calories that your body doesn’t need.

So, have you started planning your snacking schedule already? If not then start today, bid farewell to unhealthy calorie filled foods and start working on these healthy snacking tips.

Guest Post Credit: Asma Qadri



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