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5 life-changing toothpaste hacks!

toothpaste hacks

Medically reviewed by Dr. Riaz Ali Shah.

All of us might not have the appropriate creams, oils or medicines lying in our houses but we surely do have tubes of toothpaste around. Most of us think that toothpaste is just there to clean our teeth, because of the very obvious name, but there is a lot more to it than that. This paste has saved people from spending big bucks while fixing their faces, hair, and even nails. So try to copy and [tooth] paste the below mentioned awesome hacks to your life!

Even your skin tone and thank the toothpaste!

If you are tired of dark patches or spots on your skin then add a tube of toothpaste to your skincare routine. It is not known to many but toothpaste lightens pigmentation and removes marks on the skin. So stop spending money on the right shade of foundation to even out your skin but instead make your own skin smoothening toothpaste mixture and feel brilliant. To make this paste, mix one teaspoon baking soda, half tablespoon of tomato puree and half tablespoon of white toothpaste. Now, apply to the dark spots or around your lips, let it dry and wash it with moderately warm water. Repeat this twice a month to part away from dark spots.

Let your nails radiate the sun.

Apparently, a woman’s best friends are diamonds but you know what’s even better? Nails that shine brighter than diamonds. We know the struggles that go behind keeping those nails fine. Spices especially haldi (turmeric) and lalmirch (red chili powder) can ruin and discolor your nails while cooking and dust can also settle in them. Therefore, save your nails and do not let them go through this dreadful torture. Take some Petroleum Jelly and rub it on your nails, then rub some toothpaste on them and clean with water. This will make your nails brighter and reduce the stains on them. So, replace all of your nail supplies with some tubes of toothpaste.

Hydrates dry hair and fixes split ends.

The bond you have with your hair should be salvaged, and the two of you should never reach a split end. Take this literally or metaphorically, but you need to fix your damaged hair starting from today. And, what other product is better to use than a tube of toothpaste, right? So get a banana, get rid of your anger and mash it out. Add a tablespoon of toothpaste to the mashed banana and apply this mixture to your split ends and to your hair. Make sure to put it on for at least 30 minutes and do this remedy once every month. Now, flaunt that hair in front of everyone and make sure to reveal your secret for them to try out as well.

Softens the lips

It is a century old fact that people brush their teeth, but it is not known to many that you should brush your lips as well. Yes, that is a thing. If you have flaky and chapped lips then you need to brush them starting from today to give them a complete makeover. All you need is a soft bristle toothbrush and our main star of the event, a tube of toothpaste. Rub the toothpaste on your lips and brush it off using the toothbrush in a circular motion for not more than 2 minutes. Welcome your plump, soft and exfoliated lips.

Eradicates blackheads

Blackheads ruin all pictures and even your self-esteem. These are basically clogged hair follicles filled with bacteria and oil. Even the most ideal skin regimen will result in some blackheads; therefore, you need to get rid of them as soon as you spot them on your face or your nose. Take one part of salt and one part of toothpaste, mix it in a bowl till it is well combined and rub it gently on your face (or on all parts with blackheads). Leave for 5 minutes and wash it off. Repeat this method whenever you see any blackhead popping up.

With all these remedies you will have to stock on all toothpaste tubes you can set your sight on. So toothpaste your life out and look you’re very best!

Note: Always read the ingredients present on the toothpaste and avoid buying anything that can irritate your face. And also, do a patch test first before applying it completely.

Guest Post Credit: Asma Qadri



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