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water crisis in sindh

Water Conservation – Need of the Hour

Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to spare!

Water is the basic necessity of life, and having access to an adequate amount of fresh and clean water is our fundamental right. We know that a major part of our Earth is covered by water, yet a very small percentage is actually potable. Add to that an ever-growing population and global climate change, and what results is water scarcity. Lack of clean, drinking water has become a global problem as water demand increases and supplies shrink. Around the world, this sensitive issue is being addressed with great surveillance. The same water crisis is being faced by Pakistan, more so by Karachi which is the Megacity of Pakistan with a population of around 20 million.

Why water scarcity?

The main water supply of Karachi was from the Hub dam which has nearly dried out and now the fresh water sources are mainly from the Keenjhar lake and River Indus. The water shortages regularly faced by Karachities are mainly due to a failing supply and distribution system and the lack of proper planning for water conservation. Our outdated infrastructure is often struck with leakage or blockage problems, which contributes greatly to the inadequate water supply.

The critical issue of water scarcity must be resolved by the government with a proper conservation and augmentation strategy. The existing water supplies must be conserved and priority should be given to the ongoing schemes at a fast pace.

Contaminated water supply – the root cause of problems

Freshwater resources are both important to society and ecosystems. We depend on a reliable, clean supply of drinking water to sustain our health. But, when there are poor sanitation system and poor water treatment planning, the water-borne infections like (Cholera, Typhoid fever, Hepatitis A, etc.) get more prevalent in the area. Karachi being the industrial hub, and the busy, bustling city that it is has its water bodies tainted with untreated toxic waste dumped from the industries.

Sewage water contaminating our fresh water sources is another problem linked with arising health issues. Clean water sources get mixed up with impure water due to the sewage lines getting linked with the fresh water lines and the poor water treatment system.

The local population is equally responsible for water pollution, with open dumping of plastic waste and organic debris into the drains. The occluded sewage lines then overflow, and stagnant water provides an excellent breeding source for mosquitoes carrying dengue and malarial parasites.

Lack of proper water treatment

Apart from the unorganized distribution network, the Chlorination and water treatment plants are too less in number to meet the needs of Karachi, and out of them, only a few are in optimal working condition. The filtration plants are not working at full capacity and most of the water is supplied unfiltered which poses the public to health risks.

On our end, we must install filters in our homes, and make sure to boil the water before using it for cooking and drinking purposes.

Agriculture and economy

Being the agricultural state, the economy of Pakistan largely depends on crops and cultivation. For this, there is a not-so-well-designed canal irrigation system, most of the water being lost to seepage during its conveyance through the lengthy canals. A lining of water canals can reduce this problem to a great extent. Additionally, agriculture is deeply impacted by salinity and water-logging problems, and farmers have to use contaminated or saline water to grow crops. Drought conditions are faced in the arid parts of Sindh, more so after the annual episode of floods with no great measures to control that.

Being the lifeblood of Pakistan’s economy, water problem with its agricultural effects cannot be laid aside and needs to be addressed seriously.

How to create a difference?

With the rapid urbanization and industrialization in Karachi, the revision of water availability in its accordance and working out a sound water conservation strategy is the need of the time. It is ironic that a matter so momentous and catastrophic has never been heeded the way it should be, rather it has been always taken casually. The combined effort of a whole community is surely going to create a big difference, and as the citizens of Karachi, we should do our part to conserve water by:

  • Avoiding its wastage e.g. by using bucket water to bathe rather than shower or bathtubs.
  • Reducing the shower time and make it a quick one, like 10 minutes. Shorter the shower, greater the savings.
  • Do not leave the taps running while brushing teeth. Get the leaky faucets repaired.
  • Plus, keeping our reservoir tanks clean and sewage drains free of blockage.

“Use HiClean water purification tablets, that are rapid dissolving effervescent chlorine tablets lethal to pathogenic bacteria, viruses, spores, algae, fungi and cysts and are suitable for applications in emergency water disinfection, water tanks and systems. Just add 1 -2 HiClean tablets per 250 gallons or 1000 liters of water, wait 30 mins before usage.”

Guest Post Credit: Dr. Kanwal Ansari (BDS, RDS)

How to Find Affordable Substitute for Your Branded Medicines

There is no doubt that getting treatment for an illness is no mean feat. In addition to going to the hospital, long waiting lines and crowd; the dent that high fees and charges of your physicians cause on your bank account is simply too much to bear. On top of that, when doctors prescribe expensive branded medicines, things actually seem to get out of your hands.

When a doctor prescribes you branded medicine that is too expensive, you can look for its generic substitute. Now for a layman, it may be difficult to understand the concept of a generic substitute and search for it. Here in this post, we are shedding light on the concept of generic substitutes of medicines and a reliable source in Pakistan to look for a generic equivalent of your branded medicine.

Difference between Generic & Branded Medicines

If you are confused and do not understand the concept behind a generic name and branded name of a medicine, you need not to worry. We are here to help you out with this. The generic name of a medicine is based on the key or on the most active ingredient of the medicine. Whereas, the branded name of the medicine is given by the company that manufactures it. For instance, paracetamol is the generic name of the medicine and Panadol and Calpol are its branded name.

Reliable Source to Find Affordable Substitute of Prescribed Medicines

Dawaai is not only an online pharmacy; rather, it is a complete digital healthcare platform. And, it is indeed the most reliable source in Pakistan for people to search for an affordable substitute for their prescribed medicines.

You can look for substitutes of your medicines on as well as on its app that you can download from Google Play Store if you are an android user and App Store if you are an iPhone user.

Dawaai website and it’s app (available on Google Play Store and App Store) will not only find you perfect substitute of your medicines but will also help in improving your overall knowledge about your prescribed medicines by giving you detailed information about side effects, precautions, and interventions. However, it is highly advisable to consult your doctor before switching to alternative medicine.

Why should you download the Dawaai App? has been the key player in the online pharmacy space and has made a name that is synonym with authentic medicines. Keeping in line with our tradition to incorporate technology and healthcare, so our consumers can experience convenience at the highest level, we proudly introduce the Dawaai app for Android and Dawaai app for iOS mobile devices.

The dawaai app is the perfect amalgamation of healthcare and technology, where you can not only buy medicines but view information about those medicines through your mobile devices. Most patients don’t question their doctor about the medicines they are prescribed, but through the dawaai app, we are bringing transparency in the healthcare system. On our app, you will be able to compare the prices of medicines with similar generics, and through this feature, we aim to empower patients and their loved ones. Never again will you have to buy expensive medicines when their cheaper alternatives are available, you will be able to save upto 85% on your medicines through this feature available on the dawaai app. Through the dawaai app, you will also have access to information about the uses, side effects and precautions of medicines and will be able to read and understand the information on diseases being treated by these medicines.

dawaai app 2               dawaai app

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At dawaai, we are all about our customers, and this ideology comes through in our app as we try our best to make healthcare affordable for everyone. With this in mind, we have introduced our cash back policy, everyone who downloads the dawaai app for the first time and signs up or sign in will receive Rs.100 cash back in the form of dawaai coupon, which can be viewed on your Dawaai dashboard and will be applicable on any product or service site-wide.

You can also book lab tests through the dawaai app and view your results on your mobile device from anywhere. Our health monitoring tools will be available to you once you download the app, and on your personal Dawaai dashboard, you will be able to record readings for diabetes, blood pressure, and menstrual cycle monitoring.

This app is a part of our ongoing effort to bring healthcare to your doorstep and make our healthcare system as transparent as possible.

Giveaway: Win a 24″ LED TV

To get a break from our daily life and usual routine, we all need some sort of entertainment. It won’t be wrong to state that an adequate amount of entertainment is good to boost your general health and wellbeing. And, Watching TV is one of the most easily accessible entertainment options that we have. It is for this reason, brings this super huge giveaway of an Orient’s 24” LED TV. Now you all must be excited to know how you can take part in this giveaway. So, without any further ado, let’s see how you can enter this giveaway.

How to Enter?

Taking part in this giveaway is super simple and easy.

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Rules and Regulations

1. A participant will be considered qualified for this giveaway only when he/she follows all the three above mentioned steps.

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Children of Pakistan: victims of anxiety and depression

Mental health awareness is one important issue which is often ignored by developing countries, including Pakistan. More important than this, this issue is always linked to adults and one seldom thinks about its impact on our children. It is true, however, that children are also exposed to the effects of mental health. Children often cannot talk about their feelings and the issues which are concerning them which makes finding out about these problems even more challenging. Moreover, the social situation prevailing in our country and localities also have a big impact on the mental health of the children. Violence, extremism, intolerance, and abuse all add together to destroy our children and cripple our nation. Let’s find out more about how mental health can influence the children of Pakistan

Diagnosing depression in children

Although children are not very capable of describing their feelings, you can judge the presence of depression by a few signs and actions. Children who are depressed are often irritated or angered. They portray either through their words or actions feelings of hopelessness and sadness, not wanting to play or do the usual things the children do. Another sign your child might be feeling depressed or anxious is social withdrawal. Children love to interact with each other and play, they, however, they seem secluded or quiet, there may be an underlying cause.

How to deal with children in depression

Treatment options for children with depression are similar to those for adults, including psychotherapy (counseling) and medication. The role that the family and the child’s environment play in the treatment process is different from that of adults. Your child’s doctor may suggest psychotherapy first, and consider antidepressant medicine as an additional option if there is no significant improvement. The best studies to date indicate that a combination of psychotherapy and medication is most effective at treating depression.

All about Movember and how to celebrate it

November has been recently dubbed as Movember. This is not merely a change of spelling but it is termed so as to celebrate a special cause all over the world. Movember is termed as the month of men because it is during this month that men grow mustaches to raise awareness about issues affecting men’s health. These issues include psychological, prostate cancer and other male conditions which affect thousands of men all over the world each year. The Movember Foundation runs a charity event which raises money to fund these health issues all over the world and hence millions of men are helped in one way or the other. This is a recent trend and has been very popular amongst men and women both. In order to celebrate Movember in its true spirit, we have compiled the following tips.

First things first; grow a mustache

All the ladies reading this, this is not for you! Men, step forward and let your whiskers do the talking. Don’t be ashamed to let your mustache grow for about a month. Mustaches have been recently coming in style from obscurity. Grow the mustache of your choice and get trendy as well as supportive of the cause

For the ladies

While the ladies can’t grow a mustache, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the spirit of Movember. In order to support the cause pick up the trendy mustache jewelry and clothing which has been gaining popularity in the female clothing arena. You can flaunt the mustache in a ring on your hand or even a mustache-shaped necklace.

Read up and donate

In order to celebrate the true spirit of Movember, it is important that you support the cause which it seeks to spread which is better men’s health. Read up on the issues affecting men’s health in the recent past and also donate to the Movember organization if you can.

3 types of eating disorders

Eating disorders are serious illness. They can just not be dismissed as a deeply rooted habit or bad lifestyle choice. Eating disorders have been known to cause damage to the human body in similar ways just as any life-threatening condition like AIDS and even cancer. Indeed the medical world has come to acknowledge the threat that eating disorder has posed to the overall human health. An eating disorder can be of various types. There are eating disorders where you just can’t eat anything while in other you always want to eat something or the other. Whatever may be the eating disorder, knowing about it before hand and treating it can help save your life.

  1. Anorexia is an extreme and common form of eating disorder in which the participant cuts down the calories to dangerously low levels, such that the food you eat is not able to sustain your good health and wellbeing. The outcome or expected goal of this activity is extreme or rapid weight loss which is often not recommended and unhealthy. Recently supermodels, celebrities and other such personalities have had this eating disorder for being cautious about their looks
  2. Bulimia is another kind of extreme eating disorder which involves eating large quantities of food, often in hidden and then taking out the food by self-induced vomiting. People who are living with Bulimia binge eat and purge almost every time they eat something, their diet plans and goals are often extreme, and they are extremely conscious about their body weight and hence engage in this eating disorder.
  3. Compulsive overeating or binge eating disorder is the habit of eating well beyond the point of fullness compulsively. Those who struggle with binge eating struggle with obesity, anxiety, and depression with regard to their body weight and appearance.

Firstly, it is important to understand what your pharmacy salesman means when he says ‘imported’ products.

Everything legally imported into the country, by definition, is sell-able and within the law. Pakistan Customs clears such products on arrival, duties, and taxes are paid and documentation is completed before they are released.

• Now most products currently sold in the market are NOT technically ‘imported’

• These are ‘smuggled’ products brought into the country by ‘khaipiyas’. It is common knowledge that these products are brought in via the sea route in small boats, suitcases of aircrew, etc.

Legally speaking, such items can not be sold in the market or used for commercial purpose.

As such, no Customs clearance takes place, the legality of these products not checked, and more importantly, there is no traceability of the origins of these products.

The ongoing crackdown by the government is to catch sellers of such products. Such business practices not only cost a lot to the national exchequer but are also dangerous for health given no traceability or adequate storage conditions.

Looking beyond breast cancer

Preventing breast cancer

There are certain factors that are within one’s reach to prevent breast cancer while others such as family history cannot be changed. It is very important to stick to these rules if you want to eliminate your risk of breast cancer while these steps are crucial to follow for people who have a medical history of breast cancer in their family.

The one obligatory no-no is smoking. There is crucial evidence in medical science to prove a correlation between smoking and breast cancer. This risk is increased for premenopausal women. Nevertheless, you will do your life a favor if you rest that pack of cigarette anyway.

The risk of breast cancer is also reduced if you breastfeed. The greater the amount of time you breastfeed the less exposed you are to the risk.

One medicine which cures and prevents many diseases is a healthy lifestyle. We can keep going about the many benefits physical activity brings for your health and there are a lot of studies and researches to prove this. This medicine also applies to breast cancer prevention. If you are way past beyond your young days and are worried that the ship has already sailed, you need not to worry anymore. Research suggests that physical activity even in the later part of life reduced breast cancer risk by 10 percent to 30 percent. A moderate 30-minute walk each day will suffice.

This will not only reduce the risk of the direct onset of breast cancer but will also protect you from obesity which in turn is a major cause of breast cancer. Especially after menopause where obesity increases the risk further.

Detecting breast cancer 

You can beat breast cancer if you are able to detect it in the early stages. The more sooner it is detected the better it is for the patient’s overall health.

Regular breast self-test is the most common and easiest way to detect cancer at an early stage. Checking the breast for lumps and unusual textures are done. While some tumors or lumps may be too small to check with the human hand alone but self-screening is the most crucial help you can do to stop this life threating disease in its tracks

Moving on, a clinical breast exam is a next stage to detect breast cancer early on. It is usually performed by a health care professional. It should be a staple in women health care checkups starting as early as age 20.

A more complex and clinical way of detecting or screening for breast cancer is a Mammogram. It is like an X-ray that detects abnormal growth or changes in breast tissue. It is one of the most important tools in breast cancer detection and prevention at an early stage. There are also other more complicated and technological ways to detect breast cancer.

Curing breast cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, there are a number of ways to cure breast cancer:

  • Surgery
  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Targeted therapy
  • Bone-directed therapy

These therapies can be classified into broad groups and each patient is treated according to the type and condition of the breast cancer.