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Eid holidays – The perfect time to tone your body

Eid holidays the perfect time to tone your body

What is one thing other than sheer-khurma and family meetings that get you excited about Eid? Not waking up for sehri anymore? Or sleeping like a baby on Eid holidays? Eid holidays are pretty much the amusement most people are looking forward to. What if you could avail more out if than just sleeping?

Ramadan is a wonderful time for keeping your body in shape. You fasted throughout the month. Hence, your body is already accustomed to long periods of fasting, giving you some uber-cool benefits. To put a cherry on top on all the hard work you have done in this month, let’s take it a step further by doing some action. Here are a few exercises that you can make use of, during and after Eid holidays to make the most out of Ramadan.

1. Been there, run that!

Put on your runny shoes and go out for a run. Running is one of the best cardio that you can give you maximum benefits. Doesn’t requires much training either, does it? Set your pace, start with a smaller distance, and you can gradually increase.

2. Dive right in

Swimming is one of the best exercises that use all of the muscles in your body. An added benefit can be the relaxation time that comes with it, so you can exercise and meditate at the same time. If you know how to swim, don’t let this holiday season go to waste, and make the most of it.

3. Pedal it all away

Have a little childhood streak remaining? Who wouldn’t like to go back to the golden days? Cycling is the best exercise to build stamina. You can choose to cycle indoors or outdoors, depending on your desired location. Start by choosing to pedal on a simple field, and gradually move to a rougher terrain.

4. Try studio sports for more promising benefits

When there are a number of options to choose from, you’re going to enjoy working out. And it wouldn’t even seem much of a task anymore. You can try yoga, Zumba, or Pilates, depending on what you like. Try getting into a group setting so you can enjoy the competition and social vibe that comes with it.

5. When in doubt, lift!

Add on some weights to take your workout a step further. However, do not try it on your own without the help of a professional trainer. Your trainer should advise you on the correct amount of weights you should start with, and how to go about the whole workout routine. He/she will also advise you on correct postural alignment, and the correct angles with which you can acquire maximum benefits.

Say goodbye to your lazy self

With Ramadan ending, don’t put an end to the fitness game that you just started. Train beyond pain, and live a healthy life. All the best!

Guest Post Credits:Dr. Faryal Zaidi



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