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Infant Security System

Infant Security

Infants are the most vulnerable patients in a hospital setting. Crimes related to infant abduction and or harm are not uncommon. Hospitals, have taken this issue into consideration over time and included certain measures to ensure the safety of infants born in the facility. However, manual methods of security and safety might not be efficient or as effective as automated infant security tracking systems. Although such technology is not yet common in Pakistan, most hospitals have started looking into viable ways of protecting infants in their facility. Since this technology is slowly making a large impact in numerous other countries facing similar issues, it is only a matter of time before hospitals in the country adopt it as well. 

Infant Tracking Systems

One of the best and most effective ways of monitoring staff, patients, and infants born in a hospital is through real-time tracking systems. A well-known fact is that hospitals, and individuals working and being treated there, are always in motion. Whether that includes moving patients between Ultrasound, and Radiology departments to a constant bevy of nursing staff being changed. There is constant motion both within the hospital itself, and outside as well.

This movement cannot be halted or reduced. Even though it leaves tremendous room for crimes to infiltrate a hospital. Especially when infants are involved. However, hospitals can be made much safer by monitoring who goes in and out of them. One of the best ways to do so is by introducing a hospital security system that tags individuals and monitors their movement in real-time. This is especially useful for infants who can be tagged and monitored in real-time constantly. Bands with bar-codes, umbilical cord clamps with trackers, and tagged bassinets are all part of such a well-established security plan.

Such tagging systems also work by placing security alarms in various departments and exits of the hospital so that any unauthorized movement of the infant can be caught immediately. Elevator and automatic door freezing on unauthorized contact, and strategic placement of hospital security can also help to keep infants safe through infant tracking security systems.

Where are such infant security systems found?

Infant and hospital security systems are introduced by Information Technology and Security companies. Such programs can be made specifically for hospitals and customized according to their needs. However, basic security systems also exist that can be adopted into a hospital’s setting. The programs are highly efficient and have been designed specifically to keep infants safe.


Infant security systems are a need of the hour. With rising rates of crimes and cases of infant abduction, an automated real-time tracking system can prove to be much more effective than a manual system. Such state of the art systems are slowly but surely making their way as a viable part of hospital security systems and are bound to soon enter hospitals in Pakistan as well.

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