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Is skipping breakfast actually harmful?


Medically reviewed by Dr. Unsa Mohsin.

We might remember everyone screaming at us to eat ‘the most important meal of the day’. They said that a meal in the morning will make us healthy, but is that really true? It is also said that breakfast improves metabolism and helps us to reduce weight. Therefore, we are busting some myths about breakfast and letting you know if it is healthy or not!

Taking a jab at these ‘breakfast myths’

Google, family, friends and even this article might give you different facts, so believe your heart, weighing machine and overall health. But, we will still try to bust (or not bust) some myths you are probably tired of hearing.

·         Will my blood sugar level drop or is it just me feeling down?

Breakfast actually breaks down to ‘break the fast’ from the time you sleep to when you wake up. So, eating early in the morning actually helps to stabilize insulin levels and restore glycogen. If you don’t eat in the morning then you will be annoyed, hungry, dizzy and fatigued. So eat some breakfast if you want some energy in that body of yours.

·         Does it boost my metabolism or has my mom been lying to me?

People claim that breakfast helps to boost the metabolism and kick start it instantly. Sadly, this is a myth because these people are referring to the thermic effect of food. This is an increase in calories burned after you eat. And metabolism is completely different, as what matters for metabolism is the overall amount of food you eat throughout the day. So, it makes literally no difference at which times you eat or not eat.

·         Does it cause heart disease or I am just having a heart attack (not really)?

Skipping morning meals can put you at risk of atherosclerosis (buildup of fats, cholesterol, and other substances), diabetes and high blood pressure. It was found in a study that people, who skipped breakfast daily for a period of 16 years, were 27% more likely to be prone to heart attacks and disease. That might be a low percentage but why take the risk of having a failing heart when you can have a perfectly healthy one by eating yummy food in the morning.

·         Will my weight increase if I skip my breakfast or is my weighing machine faulty?

Isn’t it a paradox if we say that people who skip breakfast tend to gain weight? Like, how does not eating make you gain weight? So let’s prove it with some facts. Yes, people who skip breakfast tend to be hungrier and eat even more during lunch but still, it is not enough to overcompensate for the breakfast that was skipped. When you skip breakfast of 400 calories then you have a calorie deficit diet therefore, it is not possible for you to gain weight. Skipping breakfast will have no effect on your weight, however skipping and then binging on a lot of calories will obviously lead to a weight gain.

Ending it with a neutral opinion

It is your choice if you want to eat breakfast or not but, remember energy is important for you to function properly throughout the day. If you have a hectic schedule then remind yourself to eat before you get to work. And if you skip breakfast then eat during lunch. Breakfast does not make you gain weight, so all you weight-watchers skipping breakfast shouldn’t be worried.

At the end of the day, if you want some breakfast then make sure that it has protein and fiber in it. Also, I would recommend eating it because who doesn’t like an extra delicious meal?

Guest Credits: Asma Qadri



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