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5 Mistakes you’re making at Lunch


Lunch is one of the three main meals of the day and much like breakfast; its importance is highly underestimated. Taking out 30 minutes to plan the next day’s lunch can have long term benefits; both physically and mentally. Several hours after breakfast, having lunch re-energizes your body and raises glucose levels when your concentration and attention start to dwindle. More importantly, it gives you a break from work and the stress attached to it, helping you re-focus and stay active.

Given below is a list of common mistakes that we make and must avoid in order to make the most out of this meal.

1. Your lunch is mainly carbs

A balanced diet is a concept we’ve been studying since primary school but have paid little heed to. Having a lunch full of carbs such as chips, rice, sandwiches, and leftover pasta leads to a spike in insulin followed by an energy crash and food cravings. Our lunch should mainly consist of leafy greens and whole grains with lean protein and a small number of good fats.


2. You reuse disposable plastics

Plastic boxes aren’t designed to be reused. If they’re cheap, this will happen sooner than if the box is of good quality. In any case, as soon as the plastic breaks down, harmful chemicals are released into your food.

3. You eat yogurt, soup or a smoothie

Having something like a soup that lacks texture means you can have it in a matter of minutes. There are two disadvantages to this: a) your body won’t register the calories that you’re eating and b) you’ll walk away feeling extremely unsatisfied. In both cases, you’ll be hungry sooner than the clock strikes the next hour.


4. You drink with your lunch

A grave mistake a lot of us make is washing down our food with a sugary drink such as a soft drink or juice. This can only mean one thing – empty calories that cause a temporary blood sugar spike and finally a gigantic appetite shortly afterward.

5. You microwave your lunch in a plastic container

Warming your food in the microwave in a plastic container heats up the container as well, making it even easier for chemicals to be released into your food. The ideal way would be to warm your lunch in a glass container or microwave-safe dishes.

microwave-safe dishes



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