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New Year Resolutions 2022 in Pakistan – Focusing on Mental Health

Are you looking for the perfect new year resolution 2022 in Pakistan? Here’s one of our new year resolution 2022 ideas in Pakistan that you ought to have!

There you are, pen clenched in your hand, slumped back, attempting to make the ideal list: your New Year’s resolution!! It is always easier to make new resolutions than to keep one.
As 2021 comes to an end, below are some ways you can adapt and prepare for the highs and lows that you will face in 2022 and prepare yourself to fight and handle the setbacks.

New Year Resolutions 2022 in Pakistan

  • Don’t ignore your mental health
  • Focus on physical fitness
  • Strive for a healthy lifestyle

Mental Health Resolutions 2022

1. Acknowledge your mistakes

Life can be overwhelming at times, both in professional and personal spheres. It can be very over whelming to defend yourself and at the same time get along with everyone else. The emotional turmoil can take a toll on your mental and physical health, eventually. Defending oneself can be exhausting and in the long run it is better to owe up to your mistakes.
Acknowledging your mistakes and not being defensive will earn you more respect and relieve you of the stress of being a perfectionist all the time. You can make positive use of this energy by diverting it to performing better tasks, working on yourself and eventually creating a positive aura.

2. Learn to say “No”

It won’t be an exagerration to classify saying “No” as one of the crucial emotionally intelligent skill. Our natural response to anyone or anything is, ” Yes , sure, why not?”
In reality you might have other things to take care of and this might just be out of your capacity. Good news is you can learn to say no without explaining yourself by setting boundaries and asking yourself the following questions:
Q1) If I agree to certain task, will it lead to burnout?
Q2) How many times in the past I have said “yes” and regretted it later?
Q3) Does my goals, visions, values align with the potential project?
Along with these questions, a therapist can always help you in identifying the blockades and how you can overcome these blockades.

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3. Reduce your screen time

According to the studies, increased and frequent usage of social media leads to increased anxiety and dissatisfaction. People experience the world, joy and other emotions through the screen, the idea of touch, smell and taste has all turned into mere pixels on the screen.

Benefits of reducing screen time are:

Helps in avoiding the negativity and anxious thoughts that comes to mind when comparing yourself with other people

Social media detox can help you in reconnecting with people physically and promote the sense of connection.

You can live in the moment! and enjoy any moment to the fullest by being mentally present.

4. Ask for help

For your new year resolution 2022 in Pakistan, make sure to prioritize this one! Instead of isolating oneself and working in silos, connect with other people. Most of us feel embarrassed or uneasy to ask for a helping hand, but remember that people can always “no” if they can’t help you , similarly you have all the right to ask for it! might turn out that others would love to help you if given a chance. Next time you get lost in the cycle of overthinking , always remember you can connect with the people who are close to you!

As we all step into 2022, let’s aim to work on our mental health along with the physical health. Achieving our new year’s resolutions 2022 our goals, especially our mental health resolutions 2022 won’t guarantee you a linear path but consistency, willingness and ability can help you to stick to your goals!



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