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Skin & Hair Benefits You Can Harness From Aloe Vera

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Riaz Ali Shah

Aloe vera is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial and healing plants that God has bestowed upon us. Its healing properties and many benefits make it an important ingredient to be used in beauty and grooming products.

A number of studies have been conducted to determine the benefits of the aloe vera plant and it was revealed that aloe vera does, in fact, possess a host of properties that are effective in treating variegated skin and hair conditions. From flaky skin to cosmetic ailments and from dry hair to scalp problems, you can harness many benefits from this plant.

Moisturizes Skin

We all know how important it is to moisturize our skin, but we often tend to avoid this step as it gives a greasy and oily feel. On the other hand, applying aloe vera moisturizes the skin without any sort of oiliness. Aloe vera gel or cream can also be used as a moisturizer before applying makeup as it does not dry out the skin.

Fights Aging

As we age, we begin to worry about wrinkles, fine lines and loss of skin elasticity. Applying aloe vera gels and creams delay aging by repairing dead cells and wrinkles. Aloe vera contains a rich amount of Vitamins C and E that revitalize firmness of the skin and keep it hydrated. Also, aloe vera penetrates deep down in skin almost four times faster than water, which keeps your skin hydrated. Plus, aloe vera’s super emollient qualities moisturizes even the under layers of the skin.

Repairs Damaged Hair

Aloe vera is more on the acidic side of pH level and works well at moisturizing and protecting hair. So, if you have dry and dull hair, treat your mane to a few spritzes of aloe vera hair tonic to revitalize your parched hair. Applying aloe vera tonic or juice gives you more softness, more shine, and healthy hair.

Natural Aftershave Lotion

Healing properties of aloe vera can treat small cuts caused by shaving making it a natural aftershave lotion. As stated above aloe vera has high water content and has super emollient qualities that make it a perfect aftershave lotion. Application of aloe vera can prevent razor burns owing to its anti-inflammatory properties.



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