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Start Your Day with a Morning Run


Medically reviewed by Dr. Riaz Ali Shah.

Ever wondered why everyone who is a fitness freak makes it a habit of waking up early? What is it about a morning that gets them started like a pro? You sure can’t bring yourself to kick start your day like that. But why? What is it that is missing in your life? The answer is motivation. A good amount of motivation, because early mornings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Simply by getting to know the benefits of an early morning workout, you can bring in the motivation for a morning run! Check them out over here.

1.     Mother Nature and her beautiful embrace

What is your usual morning routine? Running around in panic, putting on anything you can find in the limited time, and gobbling down anything available in the refrigerator and call it breakfast? Calm yourself down with a boost of nature. Mornings are the best times of solitude and silence which can help you bring the inner piece that is missing in your life.

2.     Jump start your brain

Studies have suggested that an early riser can fourfold his/her productivity with an early morning exercise. What could be better than going to work with an alert and energetic mind? You wouldn’t need those extra shots of coffee at work either. Jackpot!

3.     Keep stress at bay

As you exercise, your brain releases endorphins, the built-in feel-good chemical of your body. With depression and anxiety torturing your every day of your life, morning run is your answer to say goodbye to stress.

4.     Sleep like a baby

Struggling with getting to sleep at night? How you miss the time when you were younger, and thought that nap time was a punishment. You sure wish counting sheep could still help. Well, if you could go out for an early morning run, you could sleep like a baby later in the day. This is because as you wake up, there is a surge of adrenaline. You can put this adrenaline to use by an early morning exercise and voila! You’ll automatically sleep tight at night. Problem solved.

Feel motivated yet?

Set an alarm and put on your runny shoes. It’s only the beginning that is the hardest part. Good luck!

Guest Credits: Dr Faryal Zaidi



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