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5 vital supplements you need after 40


The popular belief in Pakistan is against the idea of taking supplements, whether you’re 14 or 40. It’s commonly thought to be unnatural and unnecessary. However, what is not realized is that once someone hits 40, the rules of the human body change; it doesn’t function at 45 as it does at 25. For that, supplements for vital minerals are required; they’re ideal for absorption and provide defense against age-related issues and illnesses. Here are some you should keep in your radar once you cross over the 40-year mark.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is essential for optimal brain and blood function. As we grow older, our rate of absorption for this vitamin decreases which is why a supplement is an ideal option. Children and adolescents can get it from the food that they eat; it’s present in meat and other animal items.

Vitamin D

Our body is very complex, such that a lot of the crucial minerals we need are absorbed when others are present in the body. Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption. If our body doesn’t find the calcium it needs, it starts to take some from the storage in our skeleton.


Important for all ages, calcium is extremely essential for the health of our bones and the proper functioning of our heart, nerves, and muscles. Those with low calcium have weaker bones and a higher rate of fractures. Specifically for women, both calcium and vitamin D are essential to prevent osteoporosis.


Aging increases the chances of high blood pressure in men and women. Magnesium helps in regulating blood pressure. Additionally, it helps in calcium absorption (told you it’s complex) as well as for heart, muscle, and nerve function.


Low iron means a lesser than the optimal count of red blood cells meaning that there are not enough oxygen-carrying cells in our body. This, in turn, means lesser than required oxygen causing the person to feel fatigued. Another consequence of having low iron levels means a weakened immune system. Needless to say, iron is essential for all ages due to the nature of its functions.

Need a supplement?

If you’re above 40 and moving closer to 50 every day, it’s highly recommended. However, the dosage depends on your diet; if you’re already getting minerals from there then too much may be harmful. the best option is to consult your physician.



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