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Winter Essentials: How to take care of your skin in winters

Medically Reviewed by Dr Riyaz Ali

You know winter is here when your lips start to get chapped and your skin feels extra dry and flakey after every face wash. But it’s not just because the air outside is getting dehumidified; many times, it’s our silly mistakes that don’t let our skin breathe in the chilly season. And in today’s article, you will learn how to keep your skin at its absolute best in cold. To find out how to keep reading!


  1.  Lukewarm water is the answer to your skin problems

Hot showers are definitely the best thing to happen to anyone in winters, except the skin. It is known to dry the skin quickly, and if not moisturized, cracks can develop easily. So, if you love your skin, use lukewarm water when it comes to washing your body and especially the face around wintertime.

  1. Moisturizing is the second step for a flawless skin

Here, we aren’t just talking about moisturizing your skin with a lotion, but moisturizing it immediately after you’ve washed your face or gotten out of the shower. The reason is pretty simple. If you apply the moisturizer on wet skin, it’ll help seal the dampness and make your skin hydrated, soft and supple. Applying one with an SPF is even better, as it’ll save your skin from the damaging UV rays along with giving moisture to it.

  1. Do not forget to exfoliate

Throughout the cold season, there is a buildup of dead skin cells which can make your skin look dry and give you a dull complexion. Exfoliating your skin by using scrubs or body scrub gloves can remove all the dead skin buildup, thereby revealing soft and smoother looking skin. However, since your skin barrier is already compromised during winters, you should only exfoliate it once a week.

  1. Gift your face a steam therapy

Steaming your face can help your skin a great deal by making it get rid of impurities, blackheads, and marks; and cleansing pores deeply, thereby giving your skin a beautiful glow. Taking steam for 10-12 minutes once every two weeks can be very beneficial while exceeding that limit will make it drier. So, if you want your skin to glow like sona*(gold), use a facial sauna!


  1. Make your own DIY masks

Masks made out of honey and yogurt should be the go-to final step in your skincare routine. While honey keeps your skin forever young by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, yogurt will hydrate the dry patches and give your skin a dewy sheen.

Even though hot chocolate, warm blankets, and the crisp cold air make winter the best season, dry skin often crushes all of your winter dreams. But not anymore! Follow the above-mentioned tips to make the best out of this chilly season.

Guest Post Credit: Dr. Maleeha Syed



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