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Let the Menstrual Cramps ‘flow’ away with these 4 remedies


Medically reviewed by Dr. Unsa Mohsin.

Majority of women complain of having excruciating pelvic pain as their menstrual cycle begins. This pain feels as though your stomach has tightened and someone is stabbing your sides with a knife. Forget daily activities, most of the times women find it difficult to even carry themselves up because of the pain.

These cramps happen because, during your periods, the uterus tends to contract to squeeze the lining away from the uterine wall and help it exit the body through the vagina. Therefore, these uterine contractions end up causing painful cramps. To be energetic and joyful during your periods you need to follow these homemade remedies. Stop cramping up and clutching your stomachs, instead read ahead.

There is no problem that water cannot solve

The Earth is made up of 71% water so make use of that and hydrate. Drinking water helps to ease bloating. Therefore, you need to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water during your period. If you like flavor then add lemon juice drops or mint leaves. Moreover, some women experience diarrhea during their periods and end up losing fluids. To make up for the lost fluids, you need to drink lots of water.

Some Tea-riffic Chamomile Tea

Drinking chamomile tea helps to reduce menstrual cramps. This is because of chamomile tea is filled with anti-inflammatory substances that inhibit prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are made by cells in the endometrium of the uterus.

These cells discharge prostaglandins during a woman’s period, provoking muscle contractions of the uterus, pain, and cramps. The prostaglandins present in the bloodstream are responsible for vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and headache during your menstrual period. Therefore, sipping on some chamomile tea helps as it inhibits pain-causing prostaglandins and enhances menstrual flow to ease period symptoms.

Sprinkle some cinnamon in your life

During your period, add cinnamon to the foods you are eating. It has been said that cinnamon helps to reduce pain, menstrual bleeding, nausea and vomiting. Also, it is said to not have any side effects, so instead of binging on salt (which causes bloating) or red chili pepper powder, add some cinnamon to your dishes.

Sprinkle it on your cereal or add it to your tea. You can even make a sweet treat out of it by baking some cinnamon buns. Treat yourself with this delicious remedy!

The only pad you will like right now is a heating pad

If you are having a painful period then you need to stock up on heating pads. Apply a heating pad or a hot water bottle to relieve menstrual cramps. The heating pad is easily available at your nearest store or you can even get it from dawaai.pk. The continuous application of heat works extremely well as heat helps the muscles to relax.

All in all, you need to relax and not work much during your cramps. Do some light exercises, listen to some music and use these cramp-ful days to find some inner peace. Bleeding is normal and so are cramps that come with it, so do not fret up but instead follow the above remedies and feel better!

Guest Credits: Asma Qadri



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