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7 Uses of Banana Peels You Didn’t Know


The banana is a simple, delicious and nutritious fruit. But how underrated is its peel or the chilka? The only use we know for a banana peel is when enemies use it against each other in cartoons to make the other person slip. But just like its owner, the banana peel is packed with salts, minerals, calcium and many other hidden powers! Check some out below.

Mosquito Bites

These summer months come with a lot of annoying mosquito bites. Itching too much? Rub a banana peel and the itching will soothe.

Whiten your Teeth

Why get an expensive treatment for your teeth when you can do it the natural way? After you brush your teeth, rub the inside of a banana peel for around 2 minutes on your teeth. After a few weeks, you will notice your teeth getting whiter!

Freshen Up Houseplants

Are your houseplants looking dull and lifeless? Instead of watering it vigorously, rub the leaves with the inside of a banana peel. It will leave them with a flawless shine and remove the dirt as well.

Lock the Moisture

There are still many places in Asia where the banana peel is used during cooking. Cover a lean chicken fillet with the peel using toothpicks and it will act as skin and keep the moisture inside.


Banana peel has restorative properties hence it is great for speeding up the healing of bruises. Either rub the peel on the skin gently or tape it overnight!


Rubbing the peel every night on inflamed or irritated skin caused by acne can help soothe it. It will also help in preventing outbreaks.

Face mask

Who needs to go to the salon when you can give yourself a spa treatment right at home? That’s right, a banana can be used to make a face mask to moisturize and soften up your skin! Just mash up a medium-sized ripe banana and apply it to your face and neck, rinsing after 20 minutes.



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