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3 reasons not to use your phone on the bed

In this age of technology, most of us are always behind a screen. In the day time, it’s usually a monitor with people crunching the keyboard buttons and once we are done using the monitor screens our eyes are glued to our cell phone screens. All this screen exposure, however, does not come without a cost. Scientists have proven a number of health concerns of being constantly exposed to different screens. These harmful effects are not just bad for our eyes but also our mental and physical health. Also on a side note cellphone make us less social which eventually makes us more prone to anxiety, depression and other social concerns. Cell phones are absolutely a no-no when you hit the bed because they are the most dangerous at that particular time. Today we discuss all the ways of taking your cell phone to your bed is affecting your health.

1 – The blue light emitted from the cell phone and other screen is wrecking your sleep patterns. This is because this light mimics the activity or natural light so that the circadian clock present within our body gets the wrong signal and this clock malfunctions. As a result, your sleep patterns are disturbed, you stay awake at night and feel sleepy, lethargic and fatigued in the day time.

2 – During the bedtime, when your bedroom light is usually out, all your eyes are exposed to is the light emitted from your cell phone. This can make your vision weak and give you headaches. Not only this, in the long term you make at a higher risk of developing eye-related complications such as cataracts.

3 – While the evidence on this one is inconclusive and even challenging, it has been reported that greater cell phone use is linked to higher chances of developing cancer as they emit x rays and microwaves albeit in small quantities.



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