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6 superfoods for a healthy prostate

Prostate cancer is on the rise. Millions of men across the globe are suffering from this terrible condition and there’s hardly any cure for it. Recently prostate cancer has been reported in young individuals as well so it is not just the elderly who are affected. The prostate is a vital organ in the male anatomy. It is responsible to produce the liquid which makes your sperm easy to float and hence increases your fertility. When you have an unhealthy prostate, your urinary tract becomes affected too because it is one big complex system. Difficulty to urinate, sexual problems, groin pains, and kidney problems are common if your prostate is enlarged, cancerous or generally unhealthy. Therefore it is important that you take a healthy diet which prevents you from prostate cancer and improves your overall health and wellbeing.


benefits-of-red-tomatoesTomatoes are rich in a vital antioxidant known as lycopene. Lycopene is essential in fighting the growth of cancerous tissue within the prostate and also prevents prostate enlargement. Research has proven that men who eat raw tomatoes or foods that contain a good quantity of tomatoes were less likely to develop prostate problems. However since lycopene is a compound which sticks to our cell walls, it is important that you consume tomatoes in a form where it becomes easier for our bodies to extract lycopene. This means using soups, purees, and curries.

Broccoli and other cruciferous veggies

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Researchers have found a link between the presence of excessive estrogen and prostate health. There is no conclusive evidence about prostate cancer and estrogen yet but studies have been conducted which shows that subjects who had greater estrogen within their bodies, were at a greater risk of developing prostate problems, which also might include cancer. Vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, and other cruciferous vegetables are known to clear excess estrogen from the blood and help solve most of the male sexual problems.


fotolia_19716263_xThis has been dubbed as a superfood by doctors and nutritionist world over. This is because pomegranates are rich in antioxidants which help ensure a healthy prostate by locating and destroying cancer cells. In one other study, a 100ml of pomegranate juice daily for 2 weeks increased testosterone production in males which reduces estrogen dominance and improves your sexual functions

Legumes and soybeans

intro-legumes-photo2Legumes, soybeans, and lentils contain cancer-fighting components known as phytoestrogens which prevent the growth of cancer-related tumors. Studies have shown a link between the consumption of various lentils and reduced growth of cancerous tumor within the prostate.

Green Tea

green-teaGreen Tea has been used for thousands of years in parts of Asia. Researchers have been finding the link between the greater consumption of green tea and better prostate health than in Europe and America. Green tea contains components such as catechin and epicatechin which are being studied as possible ingredients responsible for a reduced cancerous tumor.



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