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Dawaai.PK - An innovative pharmacy-led healthcare group

Authentic, Reliable, Convenient. Medicines at your doorstep started in April 2014 and has grown into a recognized player in the pharmacy space where customers trust us for our authenticity, quality, reliability and customer service.

It is a novel concept of ‘pharmacy-on-wheels’ that brings genuine medicines at the best prices to the comfort of your home. Therefore, it is an online medical store with a mission to provide integrated pharmacy services with convenience and quality seamlessly across the nation.

With a payment facility of Cash-on-Delivery, we are reinventing the concept of retail pharmacy by taking authentic medicines to patients’ door-step in a timely, safe and hygienic manner as well as having qualified pharmacists available throughout opening hours for counseling and advice. These medicines are procured directly from manufacturers or their authorized channels to ensure that consumers are not faced with any problems due to fake medication received via unofficial channels.

Thus,, is an online pharmacy in Pakistan that is reshaping the concept of health solutions by enabling customers to buy medicines online in Pakistan by incorporating cutting edge technology and international best practices.