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6 ways to avoid back pain

Back pain is something which haunts most of us every day. Even those who are still saved by this menace, are exposed to the risk of developing back pain due to various reasons and lifestyle choices. Back pain is an umbrella term for pain arising in different parts of your back. Back pain is a result of an underlying issue within the nerves, the discs, and other back muscles. Back pain usually occurs with age as your body begins to lose its robustness and agility, however in the modern era, where people hardly get any physical activity, it is also developing within young individuals. It is very important that you spot the area of the pain earlier on and work to cure it.

Lose weight

how-to-lose-weight-when-you-have-diabetes-W_hc4vf7This is the number one cause of back problems. Being overweight or obese causes unnecessary strain on your back muscles and spine which now have to work harder to support your weight. This often causes pain because the muscles are overworked.

Fix your posture

postureIncorrect posture can aggravate or ignite back problems. Your back is at the core of how you stand, sit or lay down. The following tips should help you maintain a good posture. While standing, keep your head back and your shoulders straight. Your feet should be balanced on the ground so that your weight is equally distributed. While sitting, keep your back straight and your hips placed comfortably on the seat. You can even use a roller or a cushion to support the small portion of your back.

Don’t lift heavy

This is one of the biggest causes of back problems. Whether you’re carrying bags from shopping or weights in the gym. Make sure you don’t lift more than what you can handle. Also while exercising, lift the weights firmly and not with a jerk which can cause herniated discs and other back problems. Warming up before lifting can also save you from a lot of back injuries.

Ditch the high heels

High heels concentrate your weight into a pressure point which strains your lower back. Stick to a one-inch heel. If you find yourself wanting to wear higher heels, keep some comfortable shoes handy so that you can slip into them anytime the heels hurt your feet.

Put your wallet in the front

Sitting for long hours on your wallet in the back pocket results in unstable sitting position and pressure on your spine. So if you’re on a highway and driving, be sure to pull your wallet out of your pocket.

Exercise more

If your back is hurting, you may want to lay down your exercise routine a bit. This is to give the affected area some rest. However, ditching your exercise and stretching routine all together may actually aggravate the pain. Researchers have proven that regular exercise can keep your back strengthened. This not just stops the pain from returning but also wards of instances of back injuries which give rise to the pain.



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