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Amazing Benefits of Manuka Honey

Medically Reviewed by Dr Riyaz Ali

Loaded with some amazing ingredients, there are immense benefits of Manuka honey to our health and wellbeing. Manuka honey is now considered as one of the most researched and the most important forms of honey in the world. From the digestive system to skin healing to promoting sound sleep, the many benefits of Manuka honey are too good to be ignored. Here, we are enlisting a few most important benefits of this magical health product.

Better Skin

Manuka honey acts as a great healing agent for acne and eczema. Manuka honey is known for its antimicrobial abilities, consuming this honey daily and even applying it on your face helps in relieving skin conditions like acne, breakouts, and eczema. Apply topically on your problem area, leave it for a few minutes, rinse your face and see the magic of Manuka honey.

Better Sleep

Manuka honey not only gives you a glowing look by improving your skin condition but it also helps in making you look fresh by giving you a better slumbering session. This honey promotes sound sleep by slowly releasing glycogen while you sleep. Just add a teaspoon of this honey in milk and drink it before hitting the bed to have a deep and uninterrupted sleep.

Improves Digestive System

The anti-bacterial properties of Manuka honey land a helping hand in improving your overall digestive system and by working on your bacterial imbalances in your gut. Get a great metabolism, heal your stomach and keep acidity reflux at bay with this amazing Manuka honey.

Improves Oral Health

You can reduce plaque and bleeding gums by consuming Manuka honey daily. The honey is loaded with great content of calcium, zinc and phosphorous and these ingredients play a pivotal role in healing and protecting your teeth.

A Powerful Source of Energy

Manuka honey is loaded with nutrients and helps in boosting your overall vitality, giving you fresh and energetic feel. Take Manuka honey daily by eating a spoon of it straight or adding it in a detox drink.



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