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Boost your metabolism this winter: 4 simple tips to avoid weight gain

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Medically reviewed by Dr. Riaz Ali Shah.

Research shows that in the winter months, our metabolism slows down. Our body, as it prepares for winter, urges us to eat more. This is why it is very easy to put on a few pounds in cold season. Because your brain is sending hibernation signals to your body, your liver is increasing fat production and fat storage. In this article we will talk about how you can boost your metabolism and avoid the winter weight gain.

Swap your cold cereal for a warm breakfast

Before we even talk about what to eat for breakfast, it must be said that in the winter time, you should not skip breakfast. Eating small meals consistently will keep your body nourished and prevent it from going into starvation mode, which slows down metabolism.

To kick start your day right, it is better to swap cold options for a warm breakfast. A steaming bowl of oatmeal with nuts, seeds and dried fruit is a great option. Digesting fibre burns more calories because it takes a long time to break down. This will boost your metabolism and prepare you for the day.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

The key to keeping your metabolism high is to make sure your body is well hydrated. According to researchers at the University of Utah, drinking eight 8 glasses of water a day increases metabolism and burns more calories. You can cover your water intake by having hot teas such as chamomile, lemongrass and jasmine. Best to forgo soft drinks altogether. Also, make sure that your teas are not caffeinated!

Get enough sleep

This cannot be stressed enough. Although it is important to get enough sleep in every season, during the winter it is especially critical. Since your metabolism is slowing down already, sleep deprivation can make things much worse. Therefore, you should try adding an extra hour of sleep to your routine by going to bed early.

Eat winter food

Winter is when it becomes crucial to eat seasonal food. This is because winter food is packed with the kind of nutrients and energy you need to keep your body healthy and your metabolism up and running. As such, you should focus on increasing your intake of foods such as potatoes, beans and grains. Although you wouldn’t think of potatoes when it comes to fat burning foods, during the winter time it is exactly the resistant starches present in potatoes that will speed your metabolism and burn more fat. Therefore, it is a good idea to add a helping of baked potatoes to your meal.

We hope this article has been helpful for you. For more tips on how to stay healthy this winter, write to us in the comments below!



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