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Top 3 ways how your hormone levels and sexual health are affecting your relationship

Sexuality is an important part of a healthy relationship. People are attracted to each other and one important factor of this attraction is sexuality since it is a fundamental human need. Sexuality is based on our desire to procreate. In this age of fast-moving lives and busy days, we often ignore how our relationships with our partners are affected because of our hormone levels and sexual health. The major chunk of the blame falls on environmental effects on our sexual health as well as our own lack of regard for our health. We list down the 3 most important ways your sexual health can impact your relationship

Low libido because of low hormone levels

Testosterone in men and estrogen in women is responsible for controlling our libido or sexual desire. When there is a lack of testosterone in men, there sexual desire and want is diminished. As a result, their need for physical pleasure from the partner is reduced and in many cases, eradicated. Studies have shown that couples who engage in sexual activity frequently as compared to those who rarely engage in this act, are far happier and attracted to their current relationship

Erectile dysfunction because of an underlying health issue

Erectile dysfunction is noted as the inability to attain or maintain an erection for sexual intercourse. Men who are affected by this complication know how tormented their relationships are. This is because you cannot fulfill the sexual needs of your partner and no matter how much you think your partner is being supportive, nature always takes its toll on your relationship in terms of infidelity or otherwise.


Infertility is when you are unable to conceive or impregnate your partner. In men, infertility can be due to lack of sperm quality, quantity or complete absence. In women, infertility can be due to various issues in ovaries, eggs, and other female reproductive issues. The human need for procreation, when not fulfilled, affects the quality of the relationship between two partners. This is because one or both may expect an offspring and your partner is unable to do so.



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