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4 ways your oral health is affecting your overall health

You are what you eat. Ever heard this age-old saying before? Yes, you may have come across it at least once in your life. But have you ever looked at it from a different perspective than what it actually states? Let me tell you all about this perspective. The things we eat and drink our ingested into your bodies through our mouth. If the mouth is not in top condition, full of bacteria, germs and other oral issues, the food that we eat and also the things that are happening in our body will also not be in top condition.  Here is the list of all the ways your oral health is affecting your overall health.

  1. When your gums are inflated, you can get a heart attack or stroke! Strange but true. Studies have found links between gum inflation and heart stroke. The link is thought to exist because gum inflation increases inflammation throughout your body. Gum disease from extended bacterial exposure can lead to cardiovascular disease as it may increase the inflammation level throughout the body.
  2. Your dental health may also be responsible for diabetes. A number of studies have shown that serious gum diseases have added to risk of diabetes. The link between gum disease and diabetes can be established because of the presence of bacteria in mouth which increases insulin resistance and consequently blood glucose levels.
  3. Since people who have more bacteria breeding in their mouth because of lack of oral hygiene or gum diseases, they are also more prone to lung disease as people are more likely to inhale these bacteria.
  4. Studies show that pregnant women with progressive gum disease are more likely to develop gestational diabetes, deliver pre-term or have a low-birth-weight baby.



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