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Essential Oils 101: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Medically Reviewed by Dr Riyaz Ali

We have all seen those makeup videos, where the MUA starts her makeup by applying a few drops of some oil that she raves about for the next 5 minutes. We hear them mention how a particular essential oil has helped them get rid of their acne, or how it makes their skin look flawless and their makeup last longer. But, this isn’t where their benefits end. Essential oils are widely used in aromatherapy and have been gaining popularity ever since their all natural ingredients with absolutely no side effects have found to be more effective than the conventional drugs.

Here are a few things you may want to know about essential oils before harnessing their miraculous benefits.

What exactly are essential oils?

They are an exclusive plant product obtained by distilling many parts of a plant. Unlike the super greasy oils with lots of fatty acids, they are considered to be volatile, having a slightly oily feel to them.

Multiple uses of essential oils

Different essential oils come with different uses, facilitating us in many different ways. Although there are a ton of them, let’s talk about the most popular ones and find out how they are used.

Tea-tree oil

This oil, distilled from the leaves and stems of the tea tree plant has gained popularity after its positive reviews about combatting active acne have come forth. The anti-inflammatory properties don’t just make it a natural acne remedy but have also proved to be powerful for healing wounds and infections. Other than that, tea-tree oil is very beneficial for an itchy scalp and is often referred to as a miracle cure for it.

Because it can cause skin irritation in some people, it’s better to first do a patch test. If your skin is sensitive to it, dilute it with some carrier oil, such as almond, jojoba, coconut and grape seed before using.

Lavender essential oil

The sweet, fresh and wonderful lavender oil is a go-to choice for aromatherapists while dealing with those who have anxiety. Inhaling it for 15 days can significantly reduce levels of anxiety.

Due to the anti-anxiety as well as anti-inflammatory properties, it has also shown to provide relief from neck and back pain, period cramps and headaches, including migraines of moderate intensity. Mixing it with any base oil and applying to the painful areas has proved to be beneficial.

Peppermint oil

From treating skin conditions such as fighting acne; to infections, muscle, joint, and headache relief, peppermint essential oil is really useful in many ways. Use it to prevent cold and flu, eliminating nausea, gas and bloating or make your own homemade toothpaste to enhance gum and teeth health. You name it, and it will prove to be useful in countless areas of health, home, and beauty!

Rosemary oil

Obtained from a popular cooking herb, the woody, herbal and slightly balsamic aroma of rosemary oil provides mental clarity, stress relief, and memory enhancement.

Its anti-fungal properties can help you get rid of dandruff and provide relief to an itchy scalp. You can even make a mouth wash out of it by adding just a few drops to distilled water.

Other than that, it’s an ideal oil to get rid of cellulite and stretch marks.

Orange essential oil

Extracted by distilling the dry orange peels, this essential oil is eminent to have aphrodisiac properties and its regular use can cure problems like decreased libido and impotence. Apart from being a love drug, the orange essential oil is also used frequently in aromatherapy for people suffering from depression, as it instills feelings of relaxation & happiness and brings pleasant thoughts to mind.

It would be a little unfair to this product if I don’t mention how rich it is in vitamin C. This one ingredient alone makes it a must-have for your daily skincare routine. Its regular use can make your skin look brighter and clearer over time. The anti-aging properties will save you from spending a fortune on other such products.

As the name suggests, essential oils with their distinguishable ‘essence’ are acclaimed to have many health benefits. It’s not just alternative medicine they are a part of, but their distinct aroma can also do the job from scenting your home to repelling mosquitos, all in a healthy, inexpensive and natural way!

Guest Post Credit: Dr. Maleeha Syed



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