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Gliclazide is indicated to manage diabetes mellitus type II (Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus) along with proper exercise and diet control.


Do not use this medicine if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Hypersensitivity to Gliclazide or other sulfonylureas
  • Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (Type-I)
  • Diabetic precoma or ketoacidosis
  • Severe kidney or liver diseases
  • Severe infection, trauma, or surgery.

Side effects

Patients using this medicine might experience:

  1. Nausea
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Skin rash
  4. Itching
  5. Easy bruising
  6. Fever
  7. Weakness
  8. Hypoglycemia
  9. Fever
  10. Trembling.

Expert Advice

Avoid this medication if:

  • You are allergic to this medicine or its contents. 

Consult your doctor if:

  • You are pregnant, planning to have a child, or breastfeeding.
  • You are about to undergo any surgical or dental procedure.
  • You have any sort of digestive problems.
  • You have a medical history of: Liver diseases, kidney diseases, thyroid problems, blood disorders, etc.
  • Inform your physician about any other medication you are taking. Especially NSAIDs and thyroid medicines.

Be careful about:

  • Staying regular with the time of the dose. Take each dose according to the time prescribed, and make sure the dose is repeated on the same time, every day. 
  • Having your meals on time to maintain blood sugar levels.
  • Taking the medicine timely, in the way that your physician has prescribed (usually before breakfast).
  • Following the lifestyle changes that your physician has suggested.
  • Alcohol consumption (it should be avoided.)


What family of drugs does this medicine belong to?

It belongs to a class of drugs known as sulfonylureas. These drugs are used in the treatment of diabetes.

Does this medicine contain hormones, or insulin?

No, this drug does not contain hormones, or insulin

Can this medicine cause low blood sugar?

This is a possible side effect, but can be avoided if meals and doses are taken regularly. Try to carry sugar or a sugary drink in case you experience lightheadedness, or any other symptoms of low blood sugar.

What do I do if I miss a dose?

You can take the missed dose as soon as you remember. If you remember when it is almost time for your next dose, then skip the missed dose entirely. Do not double your dose to catch up for missed doses.

What will happen if I skip a meal?

If you are not regular with your meals, you may experience symptoms of low blood sugar: Such as palpitation, sweating, dizziness, light headedness etc. In this case, taking sugar can relieve your symptoms.

How does this medicine work?

It works by increasing the amount of insulin released by the pancreas and helps lowering the blood glucose.

Can this drug be used in Type 1 diabetes?

No, this drug cannot be used in type 1 diabetes.

Is this drug a sulfa drug?

Yes, Chlorpropamide is a sulfa drug which belongs to the group of sulphonylureas.

Can this medication cause hypoglycemia?

This medicine may cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) if used with other anti-diabetic medication and insulin.

How can I prevent low blood sugar while using this drug?

When taking this medication, you are advised to not skip your meals and take them regularly to prevent low blood sugar.

Can I experience dizziness or blurred vision?

Yes, you may experience dizziness or blurred vision as a side effect of this medication and if you experience low blood sugar.

Can this medicine help lower my HBA1C?

Yes, this medicine can definitely help in lowering your HBA1C.

Can this medication cause a stomach upset?

Yes, this medicine may cause a stomach upset as a side effect of this medication.

Can this medication make me sensitive to sun light?

Yes. This medicine may make you more sensitive to sunlight therefore; limit your time and exposure to sun. In case you develop any redness or skin blisters, please consult your doctor immediately.

Can I use this medication during pregnancy?

Please consult your physician before using this medicine during pregnancy.

Can this medicine be used in breast-feeding?

This drug passes into breast milk. Therefore; avoid using this medication during lactation. Consult your doctor for further assistance.

Can I use this drug if I have a heart condition?

Yes, you can take this drug if you have a heart disease. Please refer to your doctor further assistance.

Can I take this medicine if I am taking beta-blockers?

Please consult your doctor if you are taking beta blockers because it may affect the activity of this drug.

Can I gain weight by using this medication?

Yes, you may gain weight as a side effect of using this medicine. Please consult your doctor if experience any such problem.

Can this medication be used if I have liver or kidney impairment?

It is advised to use this medicine very cautiously if you have a liver or kidney disease. Please consult your doctor before using this medication.

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