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This drug is used for the treatment of Burkitt's lymphoma (cancer of lymphatic system), tumor of lymphocytes (a type of WBC), leukemia, mycosis fungoides (Alibert-Bazin syndrome), cancer of the bone, pregnancy related tumors, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriasis.


This drug should not be used in severe kidney or liver impairment, active infectious disease, immune defficiency syndrome, serious anemia, decreased WBC count, decreased platelet count, AIDS, pre-existing blood disorders, alcoholism, GI ulceration, and inflammation of mucous membrane of mouth.

Side effects

Side effects of this drug can include bone marrow suppression, GI upset, hepatotoxicity, skin reactions, urino-genital disorders, decreased fertility, lung disease, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue, inflammation of mucous membranes of mouth, loss of appetite, liver toxicity, skin reactions, and infections. Malignant tumor of lymph glands, vomiting blood, radiation recall, and encephalopathy.

Medicines containing methotrexate

Unitrexate 2.5mg

By Al Habib

Pack size: 100s


Unitrexate 50mg

By Al Habib

Pack size: 10 Vials


Unitrexate 500mg

By Al Habib

Pack size: 20mlx10s


Unitrexate 1g

By Al Habib

Pack size: 40mlx1s


Methobel 50mg

By Dawaai

Pack size: 1 Vial