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What are the uses of Propylene Glycol?

This medication is used for moisturizing skin and preventing and treating dry, rough, irritated, and patchy skin. It can also be used for diaper rash, skin burns, etc.

Will this medicine leave scars?

This medicine is highly unlikely to cause scars. However frequent and harsh itching may leave scars. For further guidance, consult your healthcare provider.

How to store Propylene Glycol?

Please store this medicine at room temperature (18-25 Celsius) or refrigerate, depending on the type of medicine. Keep medicine away from excessive light, moisture, and children. Please do not flush medicines down the toilet. Please read the leaflet provided with the medicine for further storage guidance.

Does Propylene Glycol have any effect on pregnancy and lactation?

The effects of this medicine on pregnant and lactating women are unknown. Consult your health care provider for guidance.