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This drug can be used for prevention and treatment of plasmodium falciparum malaria.


This medicine should not be used in patients with a sulphonamide sensitivity , Severe hepatic or renal disease (liver or kidney diseases) , Blood dyscrasias (blood disease)

Side effects

This medicine may cause: Skin rash (if this happens, discontinue immediately) , Pharyngitis (swollen throat) , and rarely allergic reactions such as: erythema multiforme, Steven johnsons syndrome , or Lylle's syndrome.


Why it is essentially advised to take your meal along with the medicine?

Doing so nullifies the harmful effects of the medicine on stomach.

Does it cause any side effect on blood?

It has been reported to result in decreased blood count-anemia. Hence, a good meal is essentially advised while using this medicine.

How does this medicine work?

It works by killing the malarial parasite and hence its spread in the body.

What does this medicine treat?

It is used in the treatment of malaria.

Can I quit this medicine soon after I start to feel better?

Doing so result in infection relapse, so ensure to complete the prescribed dose essentially.