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Diabetes Care Program in Pakistan

We Manage your Diabetes - for life!


Want to Know How to Control Diabetes?

Join Dawaai's Diabetes Care Program now to get personalized coaching, expert medical support, a glucometer with strips & everything to help you win your Diabetes treatment. Start now!


Endless Benefits with our Diabetes Program!

  • benefits A glucometer with strips to record your daily reading
  • benefits Quarterly HbA1c test at your doorstep
  • benefits Quarterly consultation with top Endocrinologist in Pakistan (to be interlinked)
  • benefits Active consultation with GP to discuss abnormal readings
  • benefits Dedicated Diabetes Coach in Pakistan to help you follow your diabetes plan
  • benefits Priority delivery of your monthly Diabetes medicines.

Waiting for your Diabetes Cure? We're here to help!

Take the first step to managing your diabetes - the Dawaai way!

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  • benefits Get your diabetes care program benefits, including an exciting onboarding kit

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Diabetes Care Package

By Dawaai

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five star

A week into this program and I'm sure if I keep this up I'll be able to get used to a routine that will help with the management of my diabetes and force me to avoid negligence in this regard.

five star

This program offers me the accountability to measure my daily glucose levels, something i failed to inculcate by myself in my daily routine

five star

Program is one of a kind, no one other than Dawaai is doing any program of this sort

five star

Cost efficient and very well rounded up in all aspects"


1. What is a diabetes management program?

A diabetes management program helps Diabetic patients manage and control their diabetes with dedicated coaching and mentoring to reduce diabetes complications. Dawaai’s Diabetes Care Program is Pakistan’s first-ever comprehensive diabetes management program that provides a complete solution to making your Diabetes more manageable with personalized benefits, consultations, diabetes tests at home, medicines & more!

2. What are the first signs of being a diabetic?

The main first signs of diabetes are frequent urination, blurry vision, skin infections with dry & itchy skin.

3. What causes diabetes?

Diabetes is caused when the pancreas stops producing the required amount of insulin in your body or can not use it as effectively causing the cells to cease reacting to insulin. Due to this too much blood sugar persists in the bloodstream. Your family history, genetics, and other elements like your environment and health can all play a role in the development of diabetes

4. How do you feel if you are diabetic?

If you are diabetic with uncontrolled high blood sugar you may feel fatigued easily, be hungrier and thirstier than usual, have blurry vision and your wounds would heal slowly.

5. Can you get diabetes from eating too much sugar?

Contrary to popular belief, eating too much sugar does not cause diabetes, however, an unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet can be a factor.

6. How many types of diabetes are there?

There are three main types of Diabetes:

Type 1:
When you have type 1 diabetes, your blood glucose (sugar) level is out of control because your body is unable to produce the hormone insulin. It is mostly genetic.

Type 2:
Type 2 diabetes is the result of not enough insulin being made in the pancreas, and insulin resistance when the body isn’t able to use the insulin it makes. Type 2 diabetes is caused by several factors.

Gestational Diabetes:
diabetes happens to women during pregnancy due to frequent hormonal changes. In gestational diabetes, the pancreas can’t make enough insulin