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Alphagan drops

Alphagan drops is composed of


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Eye & Ear Care


Following are the precautions of this medication: Avoid tasks requiring alertness immediately after taking this medicine. Patients with heart problems, low blood pressure and liver and kidney problems must observe caution.  Wait 15 minutes before wearing contact lenses after using this medicine.

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Medicine Overview of Alphagan drops

usesUses of Alphagan

This medicine is used to treat open-angle glaucoma or increased pressure in the eye.

side-effectsSide effects of Alphagan

Following are the side effects of this medication: Drowsiness, upset stomach, difficulty breathing (rare), and headache.

pillsWhen not to use Alphagan

Following are the contraindication of this medicine: Depression, disorders of the blood vessels of the brain, Raynaud's phenomenon (condition where blood vessels constrict too much with coldness or stress), Buerger's disease (inflammation of small and medium sized blood vessels), orthostatic hypotension (low blood pressure on standing)


  • drive


    Please avoid driving when taking this medicine as it may affect your ability to drive.

  • pregnant


    This medicine should be used with caution in pregnant women.

  • mother

    Breast Feeding

    This medicine is contraindicated in nursing females.

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