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Depotone 150mg injection

Depotone 150mg injection is composed of

Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (150mg)

Primarily used for

Irregular menstrual periods

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Please consult your doctor as a precaution before taking this medicine if you have undiagnosed abnormal vaginal bleeding , severe form of depression or diabetes.

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usesUses of Depotone

This medicine is used in endometriosis (disorder of the uterus), and also as a contraceptive in women for whom other contraceptives are contraindicated.

side-effectsSide effects of Depotone

Some patients taking this medicine might experience infertility on continuous use, and irregular or prolonged or heavy vaginal bleeding during the first 2 or 3 cycles. If you experience any of these symtpoms please consult your doctor.

pillsWhen not to use Depotone

Please consult your doctor before taking this medicine if you have a hormone dependent carcinoma (a cancer sensitive to hormones)

food-pillsHow to take Depotone

This medicine should be taken with food.

pills Expert Advice for Depotone

  •  Medroxyprogesterone should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.
  • This medicine does not protect against any sexually transmitted diseases, and protection in the form of condoms should still be used during intercourse.

Try to avoid the following while taking this medication:

1. Smoking: This will increase the probability of clots, high blood pressure, stroke, etc.

2. Sunlight. Exposure to sunlight may cause rashes.

3. Body fluids: Such as urine, semen, vaginal discharge , and vomit should be handled with precaution. ( gloves, separate laundry, etc.)

4. Driving: or any task that should be avoided when you feel dizzy. Avoid these tasks untill you can perform these tasks confidently.

Avoid this medication if:

1. You are allergic to this medicine, or it's ingredients.

2.You are pregnant, especially in the first few months of pregnancy. It may be harmful to the unborn child.

3. You are breastfeeding.

Consult your doctor if:

1. You have any known drug allergy

2. You are about to undergo any surgical procedure

3. You have a history of bleeding disorders, liver diseases, cancer, stroke, heart diseases, kidney diseases and seizures.


Q: What will happen if I skipped one dose?
Q: Is it safe for me to take painkillers while on this medication?
Q: Does this medicine contain hormones that will effect ovulation, and pregnancy?
Q: Can I use this drug after the date of expiry?
Q: Will this medicine effect my weight, skin, or sleep patterns?

What side-effects did you experience while using this medicine?

How did you take this medicine?

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What are you using this medicine for?

Irregular menstrual periods




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