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Ensure Milk Powder Vanilla - 850g

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  • Product: Nutritional supplement
  • Form: Powder
  • Pack size: 400g
  • Category: nutritional supplement
  • Age group: 4 years and older
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Key Features:

  • Product: Nutritional supplement

  • Form: Powder

  • Pack size: 850g

  • Category: nutritional supplement

  • Age group: 4 years and older

High Protein Nutrition Powder

It is a complete and balanced nutrition for your everyday health. Every serving of this drink contains protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutritious calories. As an everyday drink, it is quick, delicious and highly nutritious. The cherry on top, it is low in fat and contains only 2g of sugar. This drink provides targeted nutrition and lends a helping hand to you in staying active and strong. Also, you can easily trust this product as this is the number one choice of nutritionists and dietary consultants.

How to use it?

  • To prepare a 230ml of serving, take a ¾ cup of cold water
  • Add 6 scoops of ensure in it with the scoop provided with the product
  • Stir well until dissolved
  • Once prepared, should be used immediately or refrigerate it being covered and use within 24 hours.


How does it work?

Ensure is made up including every important nutrient in it to fulfill all your bodily needs counting in Proteins, Carbohydrates, oligofructose as a dietary fiber, total fats, vitamins, folic acid, and electrolytes. The product is a gluten free one, is abundant in vital minerals and works best for people with lactose sensitivity.


  • It is not for intravenous uses.

  • Not for children unless recommended by a qualified healthcare professional.

  • Not for use in galactosemia (disorder in which galactose sugar isn’t metabolized)


Ensure is used as a supplemental source of nutrition for individuals of age 4 or more with malnutrition or who are at risk of it.


  • Cans unopened can be stored at room temperature
  • Opened cans must be covered and stored at a cool and dry place without any refrigeration.
  • Once opened, the contents of can must be used within 3 weeks.