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Fusiderm Ointment ointment

Fusiderm Ointment ointment is composed of

Fusidic Acid

Primarily used for

Bacterial infections

Belongs to the category

Skin, Hair & Nail Care


Do not use in infants to treat diaper rashes. Avoid extensive or prolonged use (max 7 days in children). If potent steroids are to be used in children or on face, limit to 5 days and avoid closure. Avoid use on mucous membranes and eye area. This cream should also be used with caution on broken, inflamed, or occluded skin, psoriasis, skin inflammation around chronic ulcers, and elderly. There is also a risk of visual disturbances.

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Medicine Overview of Fusiderm Ointment ointment

usesUses of Fusiderm Ointment

This cream is used to treat inflammatory skin infections where bacterial infections is present, or suspected.

side-effectsSide effects of Fusiderm Ointment

As a side effect, this medication can cause Cushingoid changes, adrenal suppression, local skin reactions, acne, degeneration, striae, spider veins, mild pigmentation, excessive hair growth, itching, and inflammation of hair follicles. Hypersensitivity reactions may also result as contact dermatitis. In that case, discontinue.

pillsWhen not to use Fusiderm Ointment

This medication should not be given in untreated bacterial, fungal, viral, or parasitic infestations, on burns, acne or rosacea, inflammed skin around the mouth, widespread psoriasis, itching around anus or genitals, and itching without inflammation.


  • pregnant


    Please consult your physician before taking this medication in pregnancy.

  • mother

    Breast Feeding

    Lactating females should consult their doctors before using this medication.

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