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Lezra Excel 2.5mg tablet

Lezra Excel 2.5mg tablet is composed of

Letrozole (2.5mg)

Belongs to the category

Cancer (Oncology)


Be cautious while using this medicine in women with or at risk of osteoporosis and keep a check of the bone mineral density during adjuvant therapy. Take caution in patients with severe liver and kidney impairment. 

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usesUses of Lezra Excel

This medicine is used as an advanced post-menopausal breast cancer resistant to tamoxifen or other anti-estrogens. 

side-effectsSide effects of Lezra Excel

The side effects of this medicine are musculoskeletal pain, headache, fatigue, GI upset, dyspnea (shortness of breath), viral infections, hot flushes, abdominal pain, joint and muscle pain, depression, dizziness, palpitations, high blood pressure, vaginal bleeding, weight changes, sweating, osteoporosis, increased cholesterol levels, peripheral edema, dry skin, rash and alopecia (bald spots). 

pillsWhen not to use Lezra Excel

This medicine is not recommended to be used in pre-menopausal women and those with very severe liver impairment. Please don't use it preoperatively if the receptor status is negative or unknown. 


  • pregnant


    You are advised to only use this product if no safer alternative exists for a serious problem. 

  • mother

    Breast Feeding

    This medicine is contraindicated in lactating women. 

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