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Rs. 223.53
Rs 262.98

Rs.22.35/sr tablet

10 sr tablet(s)/Strip

Pack Size : 3 x 10's sr tablet

Rs.788.94 Total

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Prescription Required

Amaryl-M 2mg/500mg sr tablet

Amaryl-M 2mg/500mg sr tablet is composed of

Glimepiride (2mg)
Metformin (500mg)

Primarily used for

Type 2 diabetes

Belongs to the category



Please regularly monitor blood glucose levels.

Assess risk factors for lactic acidosis (buildup of lactate causing acidic pH of blood stream). Discontinue immediately if metabolic acidosis (overproduction of acid in the body) is suspected. Monitor renal (kidney) function at least annually. Discontinue the medicine for 48 hours before and after the elective surgery. 

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