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Dapaglu 5mg tablets

Dapaglu 5mg tablets is composed of

Dapagliflozin (5mg)

Belongs to the category

Hypoglycaemic excluding Insulin


It is advised to observe cautiousness in people with a severe hepatic (liver) impairment, volume
depletion (decreased blood volume), heart failure, cardiovascular diseases, increased hematocrit (blood
cell count), and in those with a history of hypotension (decreased blood pressure), pyelonephritis
(kidney inflammation), urosepsis (urinary tract infection) and glycosuria (release of glucose in the urine).

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usesUses of Dapaglu

It is used in type II diabetes patients, where diet and exercise and use of metformin alone is not
sufficient to bring blood sugar levels under control.

side-effectsSide effects of Dapaglu

Side effects of this medicine are urinary tract infections, dysuria (painful urination), genital infections,
dyslipidemia (abnormal amount of fats in the body), back pain, increased hematocrit increased blood
cell count) and hypoglycemia (decreased blood sugar).

pillsWhen not to use Dapaglu

The use of this medicine should be avoided in patients with moderate to severe renal (kidney)
impairment, volume depletion (decreased blood volume), diabetic ketoacidosis (a condition where the
the body uses fat for energy in unusually large amounts) and in those over 75 years.


  • pregnant


    This medicine is not recommended for pregnant females.

  • mother

    Breast Feeding

    This medicine is not recommended for nursing mothers.

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