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Dermovate 0.05% ointment

Dermovate 0.05% ointment is composed of

Clobetasol, topical (0.05%)

Belongs to the category

Corticosteroid, Plain


A more potent use of steroids will lead to systemic effects, with use over large surface area & addition of occlusive dressings on it. In case of local irritation discontinue use. Skin atrophy (thinning of skin) as a result of prolong exposure to steroids, or usage on areas with higher percutaneous absorption. Steroids shouldn’t be used as sole therapy in psoriasis & to treat diaper dermatoses in infants. Risk of visual disturbances may occur. Special cautions for its usage include:

  • Limit to max 7 days’ use in children
  • If using on children face, then limit to 5 days and avoid occlusion.
  • Avoid contact with mucous membrane & eye area.
  • Not for use on broken, inflamed or occluded skin.

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usesUses of Dermovate

It is used is indicated in conditions like psoriasis (skin cells multiply faster than normal), intractable eczemas (atopic eczema of infancy & childhood that remain intractable), & other inflammatory dermatoses.

side-effectsSide effects of Dermovate

It includes: burning, itching, irritation, erythema (redness of skin), dryness, folliculitis (inflammation in hair follicles), hypertrichosis (excessive hair growth), pruritus (itching). Also in case of hypersensitivity reaction like contact dermatitis, it is advised to discontinue the therapy.

pillsWhen not to use Dermovate

It is contraindicated in conditions of monotherapy in primary bacterial infection such as impetigo (contagious skin infection in infants), paronychia (due to bacteria Staph. Aureus), erysipelas (bacterial infection in upper layer of skin), cellulitis & angular cheilitis (inflammation of one or both corners of mouth). Its use on face, groin or axilla; in case of untreated fungal, viral infections or parasitic infestation is contraindicated.

pills Expert Advice for Dermovate

  • It is advised to not share your medicine with anyone.
  • In case of worsening or no improvement in condition it is advised to contact prescriber.
  • In case of adults over 60 special caution needs to be taken, as pre-existing skin atrophy increases the risk of purpura & skin cuts.
  • Its usage in children under 12 is not recommended. Risk of HPA axis suppression arises.

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  • pregnant


    Its use in pregnant females will require a risk/benefit assessment. Consult your doctor before using this medicine. 

  • mother

    Breast Feeding

    Lactating females should consult their doctors before using this medicine.

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