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Vanbact 500mg injection

Brand: Nabi Qasim

Prescription Prescription Required

Vanbact 500mg injection is composed of Vancomycin

Vancomycin is a bactericidal antibiotic used alone or in conjunction with other medicines to treat infections of the colon, heart, blood, and bone. This medicine's rapid intravenous administration may reduce blood pressure. This antibiotic only addresses bacterial illnesses. It is ineffective against viral infections (like flu,  common cold).


How To Use

  • Vancomycin is often administered through vein injection as instructed by your doctor.
  • Each dosage should be administered gently over a period of at least one hour.
  • The duration and amount of your treatment are determined by your health condition, weight, and reaction to treatment.
  • If you are administering this Vancomycin  at home, make sure you understand all preparation and administration instructions from your doctor.

Expert Advice

  • If you're going to use Vancomycin at home, make sure you understand all of the preparations and dosage instructions from your doctor.
  • Before usage, visually inspect Vancomycin for particles or any discoloration. If either of these conditions exists, avoid using it.
  • Learn how to appropriately store and dispose off medical supplies.
  • Keep Vancomycin out of children’s and pets’ reach.
  • Do not use Vancomycin after its expiry date has passed

Primary Uses

Bacterial infection


  • Endocarditis, an inflammation of heart's inner lining caused by Staphylococcus species and Streptococcus species, is treated with Vancomycin.
  • Vancomycin is used to treat bone infections , such as osteomyelitis caused by Streptococci and Staphylococci species.
  • Vancomycin is used to treat septicemia, a blood infection caused by Streptococci pyogenes and Staphylococcus.
  • Infection of the Lower Respiratory Tract
  • Infection of the skin and soft tissue

Side Effects

Patients using this medication may at times experience drowsiness and impaired reactions. If you experience any of these symptoms for a long period of time, consult your doctor immediately.



Vancomycin  should only be used when absolutely necessary during pregnancy. Pregnant females should consult their doctors about the risks and advantages of Vancomycin .


Vancomycin  is excreted in breast milk. Before breast-feeding, nursing mothers should consult their doctors.


Vancomycin  may cause dizziness or drowsiness. Avoid  driving or anything else that requires concentration until you are sure you can do it properly.


People having liver diseases should use Vancomycin  with caution. Consult your doctor before taking Vancomycin .


People having kidney diseases should use Vancomycin  with caution. Consult your doctor before taking Vancomycin .


It is not suggested to drink alcohol while taking Vancomycin  since it can exacerbate adverse effects like dizziness.


Consult your doctor if you are hypersensitive to Vancomycin or if you have other Allergies/hypersensitivities before taking it. Inactive components in this medicine may result in serious allergies or other complications. For more information, consult your doctor. Inform your doctor about your medical history, particularly if you have renal difficulties, hearing problems, or intestinal/stomach  problems before using Vancomycin . Vancomycin may impair the effectiveness of live bacterial vaccinations (such as typhoid vaccine). Before receiving any vaccinations or immunizations, inform your doctor that you are taking vancomycin. Inform your doctor or dentist about all of the products you consume before undergoing surgery (such as  all prescription and nonprescription medicines, and herbal products). Children could be at higher increased risk of serious infusion responses when Vancomycin  is injected too rapidly. While taking Vancomycin , older persons may be more prone to renal and hearing problems.


Patients who have a known hypersensitivity to Vancomycin or any of the other inactive components in this medicine should not take it.


In what conditions is this medicine advised?

It is advised in severe infections, specifically those involving heart, bones, and blood.

What happens on the abrupt withdrawal of the medicine?

This makes the infection more tolerant against the medicine and much harder to fight against in case of a relapse.

Can it be used as alternate to penicillin?

Yes, it can be, but only when a doctor advises so.

How long before vancomycin starts to show results?

Soon after the consumption, the medicine starts to work. But it may take few weeks before the entire condition is resolved, hence an abrupt withdrawal is strictly not advised.

Am I safe to continue with my daily activities while using this medicine?

Yes, you are.


Dawaai's intention is to make sure that it's consumers get information that is accurate, reviewed by an expert and error-free. However, the information mentioned here should not be used as a replacement for the advice of a qualified physician. The information given here is for informational purposes only, which may not cover all possible precautions, side effects, contraindications or drug interactions. Consult your doctor and discuss your queries related to any medicine or disease.


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