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Pack Size : 1x30's tablet

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Nutrifactor Nutin tablet


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Key Features:

  • Promotes healthy hair, radiant skin, and strong nails
  • Helps to improve skin hydration and elasticity
  • Strengthens brittle nails
  • Supports and promotes energy production
  • Supports carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism 
  • Helps promote biotin deficiency
  • Fixes hair problems like hair loss, split ends and thin hair

Fix your hair problems and also boost your metabolism

The Nutrifactor Nutin formula contains Biotin. Biotin is an essential B vitamin, which is also known as Vitamin H. It supports the health of skin, nerves, digestive tract, metabolism, and cells. The body, therefore, needs biotin to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids which are the building blocks of protein.

Biotin is often recommended for strengthening hair and nails. Biotin promotes Keratin proteins which helps promote strong hair follicles and support strong hair and nails.


Use only as said on the label.

How to get it?

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