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Nutrilov Granola - Almond Cappuccino Bars

Nutrilov Granola - Almond Cappuccino Bars 270gm granola bar

Brand: Nutrilov
-Almond & Honey. -Granola calorie bars, 270gm. -For all age groups. -Best substitute for daily calories.


The Nutrilov granola bars comes as a rich and fragrant coffee blended with a delicious combination of brown sugar and honey which actually makes it a favorite for all caffeine lovers. It also has almond chunks which makes its taste nothing but indulgent.


-Oats -Honey -Brown Sugar -Almonds -Coconut Oil -Coffee Powder -Salt


Solid Bars


Granola calories bars, 270gm.

Key Benefits

-This granola bar keeps you active throughout the day. -This granola bar reduces your caffeine intake and is a much healthier option. -Best substitute for daily calories. -The unique taste of almond and honey tastes divine. "

Direction For Use

The bar pack comes with a calorie chart at the back, please track your calories and eat this granola bar accordingly to balance your daily calories.


Store at room temperature away from direct heat and sunlight. Keep it out of the reach of children and pets."

Safety Information/Precautions

-Don’t eat it after the date of expiry. -Eat it as a snack in normal quantity, do not over eat it. -In extreme hot weathers please store it in refrigerator. -Do not use this granola bar if you are allergic to almond and honey. Also, this bar may contain traces of wheat so if you are allergic to it also don’t consume it in large quantity.


Pregnant females can use this granola bar without any harm.


Lactating females can use this granola bar without any harm."


Is this bar a permanent substitute for daily calories?

No this granola bar is not a permanent substitute, you should maintain your healthy diet with fruits, vegetables and meat too.

How would I know if I am allergic to this granola bar?

If you feel itchiness or notice rashes just after consuming these granola bars, then this means that you are allergic to them.

Should I refrigerate this granola bar after opening the pack?

In extreme hot weather conditions you may refrigerate this bars otherwise you can store them at room temperature.

Does this granola bar also have peanuts?

Yes this granola bar may contain traces of peanuts and wheat.

Does this granola bar contains any vitamins?

These granola bars have traces of Vitamin C, D & A."