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Beaver professional argan oil glimmer shine

Beaver professional argan oil glimmer shine spray

Brand: Beaver Professional
-Provides protection against UV rays and heat.
-Hair serum, 50ml.
-For adults, females.
-Makes hair shinier, protects hair from UV rays, repairs damaged hair, and adds elasticity to hair.


Beaver professional argan oil glimmer shine spray is a special kind of hair serum that is infused with argan oil and UV filters that not only provides protection from damage caused by heat and ultra-violet rays, but it also plays a significant role in repairing damaged hair. This hair serum strengthens weak hair by making hair more elastic and less prone to breakage and damage.

Key Features

-It is free from sulphates, parabens, and phosphates.
-It keeps the UV rays at bay with its protective filters.
-It acts like a sunscreen for hair.
-Argan oil nourishes hair.




Hair serum, 50ml.

Key Benefits

-It is free from all toxic chemicals and parabens.
-It fortifies weak hair.
-It repairs damaged hair.
-It provides protection from UV rays and excessive heat.
-It makes hair shinier.
-It nourishes hair.
-Ideal for use with heating appliances like flat iron.

Direction For Use

-Hold the bottle at a distance of 15-20cm from your hair.
-Use it in a mist-like motion and spray it all over your head.
-Massage it gently with your fingertips.
-Alternatively, you can spray onto your hand and then apply it on your hair with your other hand.


Use once daily before going out in the sun or before styling your hair.


Store this product at room temperature. Protect it from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. Keep this product away from the sight and reach of children and pets.


1.  How many times in a day can I use argan oil glimmer shine spray?

Do not use this product more than two times in a 24-hour period.

2. At what time of the day should I use this product?

You can use it whenever you are going out in the sun or before styling your hair.

3. Does this product have any long-term side effects?

This product does not have any long-term side effects.

4. Can people with a sensitive scalp use this product?

Please consult a doctor before using this product if you have a sensitive scalp.

5. For how long do I need to use argan oil glimmer shine spray?

Please consult a doctor to know about the appropriate duration of use.