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Butterfly Breathables Dry Net Mesh - Large Sanitary Pads 8 Pcs. Pack.

Butterfly Breathables Dry Net Mesh - Large Sanitary Pads 8 Pcs. Pack. sanitary napkins

Brand: Butterfly

Distinct absorption channels, Magic gel, Soft stretchy sides.

Butterfly Breathables, 7 Ultra-thin sanitary napkins, Large.

For Females

28 cm in length for perfect fit, cottony top sheet provides comfort, Breathable pores and side leak guards.

Butterfly Dry Net sanitary pads provides great level of comfort to the user. Cotton top sheet guarantees silky smooth comfort. Microscopic pores ensure breathability and prevention of odors. Side leak guards provides extra protection for your satisfaction.


  • Cotton top sheet
  • Rapid Absorption gel
  • Breathable
  • Side leak guards
  • Extra-large size
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Butterfly Breathables Dry Net Mesh
  • Large

    Key Benefits:
  • Provides protection for long hours.
  • Rapid Absorption gel aids in locking away wetness.
  • Cotton top sheet keeps the skin soft & free from rashes.
  • Side leak guards provide extra protection.
  • Microscopic pores lock the odor.


Q1) For how long can I use one pad?

During the menstrual cycle, change your pad at regular intervals. Avoid using one pad for more than 3 to 4 hours. In case of heavy flow, you may have to change your pad sooner than 3 hours.

Q2) Can I reuse pads?

Pads can only be used once. Discard the used sanitary pads properly, ensuring they are taken away in the trash as they may breed infectious organisms, leading to infections. Wash your hands every time before and after using a pad.

Q3) What happens if you wear one pad for a long time?

If you use one pad for longer than six hours, you will most likely develop bad odor. Moreover, such users are more prone to vaginal yeast infections and rashes.

Q4) How many pads should I use in a day?

The number of pads per day is mostly dependent on the wearer and her menstrual flow. In heavy flow, using more than 5 pads is normal. The average number of pads per day is 4 to 5. However, there are great variations.

Q5) Can you wear two pads at night?

Although one pad suffices, some women with heavy flow may wear two pads at night to prevent spotting and stains. You can place the extra pad at the front or back of the first pad, depending on the position you sleep in.

Please avoid the use of this product if you are allergic to any of its constituents.


  • Take one pad out of its packaging.
  • Look for the side that is covered and sticky.
  • Peel off the cover over the sticky side.
  • Place the pad over the center of the underwear.
  • Press firmly for good adhesion of the pad to the underwear.
  • If the pad has wings, wrap the wings around both the sides of the underwear.


  • Store at room temperature.
  • Protect from extreme heat & humidity


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