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Canbebe Comfort Dry - New Born Super Economy Diapers 48 Pcs. Pack

Canbebe Comfort Dry - New Born Super Economy Diapers 48 Pcs. Pack Pcs

Brand: Canbebe
-ComfortDry technology.
-Diapers, size-1, 48 pieces.
-For babies, 2-5kgs.
-Diapers with ComfortDry technology and a super-absorbent layer for longer dryness and protection, prevents leakage, avoids sagging, and provides a rash-free, comfortable experience for the sensitive skin of the newborn baby.


Canbebe comfort dry newborn diapers are designed with unique ComfortDry technology for newborn babies. It provides a premium, comfortable experience along with long-lasting protection and dryness. Super-absorbent layer of these diapers allows superior absorption and prevents the baby from rashes and redness. Elastic side bands prevent diaper leakages and the anatomically shaped design adds to the perfect fit. Canbebe comfort dry diapers are dermatologically tested for all skin types and can be used regularly at an affordable price.


-ComfortDry technology
-Extra absorbent
-Elastic side bends
-Anatomic fit
-Dermatologically tested.




Size: 1, newborn babies.

Key Benefits

-ComfortDry technology protects the baby’s skin from prolonged wetness and provides a comfortable experience.
-Protects the baby from rashes and redness and prevents lumps.
-Super absorbent layer makes the diaper up to 21% more absorbent.
-Anatomically shaped design allows a perfect fit that adapts the baby’s movement.
-Elastic side bands prevent diaper leakage by covering the baby’s belly.
-Prevents sagging and bulking, keeps the baby comfortable for a longer period.
-Suitable for all skin types; free from Parabens and fragrances.

Direction For Use

-Properly clean your baby with wipes/water.
-Place your baby in the diaper by gently lifting his/her legs.
-Fasten the diaper gently.


Store at room temperature, away from direct light, heat, and moisture. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Safety Information/Precautions

-Do not reuse the diapers, these are disposable.
-Please do not flush the diaper.
-Regularly check the diapers and change accordingly.
-Check the baby’s skin for rashes, if present; consult your doctor.
-After removing the diaper, allow the baby’s skin to breathe for a while.

When not to use

-Do not use the diaper if the baby is allergic to it.
-Do not use the diaper if it causes rashes to the baby.
-Do not use the diaper if it doesn’t fit the baby perfectly.


How long can a diaper be used?

You have to change the diaper as soon as the baby poops. However, do not keep the diaper unchanged for more than 3 hours as it may cause rashes and infection.

Are these diapers reusable?

No, these diapers are not reusable. Please dispose of the used diapers.

Do I need to change the diaper every time my baby pees?

No, you don’t have to necessarily change the diaper every time your baby pees. Diapers are designed to absorb liquids very well and keep the baby’s skin dry. However, if you want to change the diaper; there is no harm.

How to know if this is the right fit for my baby?

The diaper should be just under the belly button. There should be no gaps. When fastened, you can run only two-finger between the diaper and skin.There should be no red marks on removal.

What does a diaper rash indicate?

Skin sensitivity, Delayed diaper change