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Canderel Sweetner

Canderel Sweetner tablet

Brand: Searle
-Sucralose, lactose, aspartame, acesulfame-K.
-Canderel Sweetener Tablet, 100 tablets.
-Most suitable for diabetics.
-Low-calorie sweetner, helps loose and control weight, can be used in hot beverages for sweet taste.


Canderel Tablets containing sucralose and other essential nutrients is a perfect alternative to sugar. It dissolves quickly in tea and coffee, providing you with the delectable, sweet taste you crave without sacrificing your health. These pills can be used to sweeten hot beverages at anytime, anyplace, and with no additional calories. As a result, you can still enjoy a sweet taste without having to worry about your weight. It is beneficial for those that want to loose and control weight, and also for those suffering from diabetes


-Cross-linked CMC.




Canderel Sweetener tablet, 100 tablets

Key Benefits

-A low-calorie sweetener that pours and tastes exactly like sugar.
-Can be used in all types of hot beverages.
-Aids in weight loss and control.
-Suitable in all ages and genders.
-Suitable in case of diabetes.
-Suitable for vegetarians.

Safety Information/Precautions

Not recommended if allergic to any of the contents present in it. Use only if recommended by your doctor for a sugar controlled diet


Not known if it can be used in pregnancy. Consult your doctor


Not known if it can be used in breastfeeding mothers. Consult your doctor


What side effects are observed with canderel sweetener use?

No side effects have been reported with its use until now

Can it be used in pregnancy and lactation?

Consult your doctor or health care professional before using this in pregnancy or lactation. They may be able to evaluate its risk/benefit analysis

In what conditions can canderel sweetener be helpful?

It can be best used in diabetics who are cautioned to stay on a sugar-controlled diet

Can canderel cause adverse effects on overdose?

It is unknown if it can cause hazard harm on its overdosage. Ask your healthcare professional