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Klimax  Extasy

Klimax Extasy condom

Brand: Klimax

  • Condoms
  • Premium quality latex condoms.
  • For 18 years and above.
  • Provide protection and offer increased sensitivity.


Condoms are usually safe to use during pregnancy. Consult your doctor to choose a condom which is not heavily lubricated and is suitable for you.
Condoms do not have any effect on breastfeeding however, nursing mothers may have vaginal dryness that may lead to irritation when using condoms.
Condoms are not 100% effective for contraception. Condoms may interfere with sexual sensations locally. Consult your doctor if you are using any vaginal medication or cream. Condoms may cause slight irritation.
While having sex, make sure that the condom doesn’t come off. Consult a doctor immediately if your condom splits, to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Do not reuse the condom. Do not throw it in the toilet, it may block the toilet. Always use a condom to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.


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