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Bright Vision First Answer Pregnancy Test

Bright Vision First Answer Pregnancy Test strip

Brand: Bright Vision

CE mark, big result window, European Union Quality Standard
Brights Vision First Answer Pregnancy Test Strip
Adult, Females, for pregnancy detection
A pregnancy test strip of premium quality, 99.9% accurate result, easy to use, includes a pair of disposable gloves, result within minutes

First Answer Pregnancy Test strip is intended for use by adult women. It helps to detect the hormone level that is responsible for pregnancy detection. In pregnancy the sooner you get to know that you have conceived, the better it is. This test gives 99.9% accuracy in conception indication. It detects the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone (HCG) in human urine. HCG concentrations in non-pregnant women are normally modest, around 5 mIU. This hormone is produced in significantly higher amounts during pregnancy. It has got easy to read results.


  • CE mark
  • Big result window
  • European Union Quality Standard
  • Big display

Form: Strip
Variant/Type/Size: Brights Vision First Answer Pregnancy Test Strip

Key Benefits:

  • A pregnancy test strip that helps detect whether you have conceived or not
  • It has 99.9% accuracy  
  • Provides results within minutes
  • Made on European Union Quality Standards
  • Easy to read results with big display
  • It also includes a pair of disposable gloves in it
  • Consists of a user guide as well

  1. Is the test affected by any drugs or medications?

Only drugs containing the pregnancy hormone (HCG) have the potential to influence the outcome (e.g., A.P.L., Pregnyl, Profasi and Pergonal). Hormone therapy containing Clomiphene citrate (e.g., Clomid and Serophene), alcohol, painkillers, antibiotics, or the contraceptive pill should not impact the test.

  1. What is the test's precision?

The test gives early result >99% accurate from the day of missed period. Some pregnant women, however, may not have measurable levels of pregnancy hormone in their urine on the day of the test, or may have misread their period's first day.

  1. On a pregnancy test, what does "midstream" mean?

Some tests will allow you to collect your urine in either direction. It's critical to get a "midstream sample." This implies you should pee a little bit first, then use the balance of your pee to perform the test.

  1. How do you know if a pregnancy test is positive?

Pregnancy tests look for a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin in your urine or blood (HCG).

  1. At one week, what is the HCG level?

HCG levels on average in non-pregnant women is less than 10 U/L. A 'borderline' pregnancy result is 10 to 25 U/L. A positive result requires more than 25 U/L.

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 Follow the instruction guide that comes with the product. 

  • Use only if recommended by your doctor
  • Read the instructions carefully before using the device

 Lactation: No harm has been reported for its use in breastfeeding mothers



  • Remove the test stick from the wrapper just before use.
  • Dip the strip in urine sample ensuring arrow pointing towards the container. Do not insert strip in urine beyond the arrow mark
  • Remove strip and after 5 seconds place on a flat, clean, and dry surface
  • Wait for results to come in 3 to 5 minutes
  • The two lines indicate positive result, while single line means negative result


  • Store at room temperature
  • Protect from sunlight, heat, and moisture


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