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ImmuniTea - Herbal Relief Tea

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A mighty relief tea, with a blend of powerful healing herbs. The tea helps in strengthening your immunity and helps to stay protected from viruses A 7-day course, supplementary relief system with a blend of healing herbs. The medicinal power of herbs promotes immunity and improves health.Herbal Relief Tea can:?? Help strengthen immunity?? Help control viral infections?? Help against febrile states?? Help against respiratory difficultiesDirections:Steep @ brew the teabag, sweeten with honey. Consume warm twice a day.Along comes a bottle of a rich blend of herbal essential oils.Add a few drops in hot water and inhale the steam to open the blocked nasal passage and relieve the common cold @ flu.PRECAUTIONS:- Not recommended for children under 10 years, pregnant and nursing women.- Herbal tea has a strong herbal taste, sweeten with honey before consuming.- Do not consume on an empty stomach or after spicy food.- Hypertension patients are advised to closely monitortheir blood pressure.- Not recommended for kidney dialysis or liver hepatitis patients.- It is recommended to always consult your physician regularly.