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Hamdard Ispaghol classic is a form of natural fiber made from the husk of Plantago Ovata. A low fiber diet can lead to constipation and other digestive disorders. Ispaghol classic is a natural remedy for constipation, acting as a fiber supplement to promote regularity without increasing flatulence. It has a soothing effect on the intestinal mucosa and helps in reducing weight.


Plantago Ovata.




Pack of 36 sachets.

Key Benefits

-Hamdard Ispaghol classic is a safe and natural dietary fiber that is not absorbed by the small intestine.
-It is a bulk-forming laxative, soaks up water in the gut to soften stool and stimulate normal bowel movements.
-It’s a natural remedy to relieve the symptoms of chronic constipation and mild-diarrhea.
-Soothes the irritated gastric and intestinal mucosa and is useful for hyperacidity.
-It is helpful in reducing cholesterol and obesity.